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Summer Housemates Chapter one - Summoned

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To be honest I would not mind swimming in the waters of bora bora right now. but here I am,making my way across the cobblestone street in London going to my grandfathers hotel.

With the ink on my certificate barely dry,I knew it was only days `before I will be summoned to the helm of the family business.

The Family business is in the hospitality sector, we are hoteliers.

"Hello miss Arizona"The footman greets me.

"Hey chaplains"

"I thought you were supposed to be somewhere warm and sunny"

"I thought so too" I muttered,passing through the wellworths hotel grand doors. My heels clicked on the marble tile floor.

If a theme can be golden luxury,that is what the reception hall is. Chandeliers dangled above,subtle hints of white with overwhelming gold color flows throughout the interior design of the room.

It wasn a busy afternoon but a respectable amount of people were at the bar and the lounge area.

"Miss wellworth" Harley the receptionist greets, I was hoping the people checking in distracted her enough not to notice me but nothing escapes her gaze. A few people turned to take me in, which immediately made me uneasy.

"Hello Harley" I mustered a smile.

"Congratulations on your graduation" she felicitates as I pass the reception area to get to the elevator.

"Thank you" I politely waved at her.

Pressing the elevator doors open,I stepped in.


The hum of the elevator calms me down a bit, I am tensed.

My grandfather doesn call on me because his grandfatherly instincts kicked in and he misses me,so this call had me on the edge. The suspense and the urgency of his call last night made me cancel my vacationing plans.

I was supposed to be in bora bora with my friend rules celebrating another academic milestone.

"I hope the old grump isn kicking the bucket anytime soon" I grumbled as my mind kept coming up with worst case scenarios to explain the urgency.

He is just seventy three,still has a lot of years to live.

Personally I will like to take two years off any responsibilities and just travel the world before coming back to be the golden heiress and act right.

If he could live forever, that will splendid, being a hotel mogul isn for me. So I really do hope he is not sick and dying.

The elevator dinged at the penthouse floor.

I got out of the elevator and walk to the door of my grandfathers office.

Three raps on the oak door,I heard a gruff "come in"

Gingerly pushing the door open,I sighted Gerald,my grandfathers PA.

His weathered face broke into a smile "Elizabeth" Gerald gasped and crossed the room in seconds to wrap me in a bear hug.

"Gerald" i Said happily while being smothered. Gerald was more of a father figure than my own father was.

Gerald has being working for my grandfather before I was born. He is not only my grandfather personal assistant but also his only confidante.

He drew back to look at me "you look so skinny? Have you been eaten well?"

I shook my head and smiled warmly at the man who took care of me.

"I barely had time to eat because of exams and all"

"Having Exams doesn mean you should starve yourself. But fear not,you are home now and Esther will have soon have you nursing a food baby" he whispered to me.

Esther was his wife, the executive chef of this hotel.

A stern cough came from the direction of my grandfather, just the best person to diperse a happy reunion.

"Gerald,please excuse us"

Gerald mouths "i will see you later" as he leaves the office.

"Sit down" Grandfather commanded

I sat down on the leather couch, it was a hideous shade of brown but it was comfy.

Sitting in his office is quite nostalgic,reminds me of when I play hide and seek behind those bookshelves. The book shelves are currently overflowing with books and I don think grandfather is doing any redecoration soon.

He hums as his eyes scrutinized the ledger on his hands. A ray of the fading sunlight falls on his salt and pepper hair through the open curtains at his back. His hair was actually more salt than pepper.

Bumping up the double rimmed glasses on his nose, he scoffed and snapped shut the ledger.

"Inaccuracies?" I asked with concern

"No" he shuts me down "So how are you doing?" He drops the ledger on the ever growing pile on his table.

A bunch of papers were strewn across his table messily, my hands itched to arranged them. I must have a death wish to want to arrange anything on his table, it is an arranged mess, his arranged mess. He knows where each and every file or paper is and what information they encompass.

I raised an eyebrow at his question "I am fine,shouldn I be asking you that question?"

He looked at me "sorry?"

"Are you sick or retiring?" I blurt out.

He barked out a laugh "no,not soon"

"So what is it?"

There has to be a good reason for me to cancel my trip.

"Can this old man desire to spend some time with his grand daughter who just graduated?"

He leaned back on his chair.

This old geezer doesn do anything for the love of it.

"I am not buying that,what is it exactly?"

He gingerly stood up,wobbled a bit but righted himself. I didn move to help him cause I know that his ego is more important that his well being. A lesson I learnt quite early.

"You are done with school"

"A question or a statement?" His sharp gaze cuts into me meaning I was being saucy.

He moved to a book shelf and picked a book, he was clearly stalling.

"What is it?" Annoyance brewed in me at his stalling.

"Marriage proposals are coming in"

"Oh good for you,your grand daughter s reputation isn that ruined. Reject them" I stood up.

I should have guessed why he sent for me, the old man has been itching to marry me off for years.


I took after him in the headstrong department. Our gaze clashed,identical stormy grey eyes.

"I already accepted The croixs" his unrelenting gaze sharpened, trying to imitate me into being agreeable. I looked away from his gaze and wipe my clammy hands on my skirt.

Going head to head with him always does gives me moist hands.

Mustering courage, I said "You accepted? That is amazing. Well, I do hope you have another grand daughter stashed somewhere or pray the croixs are partial to seventy something man bride"

I could literally see steam coming from his ears but I didn wait around for the explosion.

With a loud bang,I close the door.

"I am **ed"

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