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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1076: Speech confrontation

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Fang Yu looked at Murong Jian.

Murongjian nodded immediately, and said, "Big Brother Su said it is extremely true."

Fang Yu smiled and said, "You are the top three in the top three of the sky, and you easily recognize others as the eldest brother. If the elders in your sect know about it, they will definitely scold you."

"They won't." Murong Jian looked at Fang Yu and said, "I am here to repay my gratitude, with the consent of all the elders."

Fang Yu looked at Murong Jian, nodded, and said, "Well, you are here to work hard, and I will find someone to replace you in a while. I will leave first."

After speaking, Fang Yu walked outside.

"Xiaojian, work hard." Su Changge patted Murongjian on the shoulder and said.

"Okay, Brother Su." Murong Jian bent slightly.

Afterwards, Fang Yu and Su Changge left the Jingtian Bureau together.


"Xiaojian is okay, second in the sky list, but so humble." Su Changge said, "The ones that I have seen before are ranked dozens of times away from the sky, but their nostrils are in the sky and no one looks at him."

Hearing these words, Fang Yu remembered something and asked: "Your cultivation level is also in the stage of transforming gods, why didn't you make it to the top of the list"

"I...I'm over my age." Su Changge smiled awkwardly and said, "But I've also been on the top rankings, ranking 23rd."

"Oh Then you were one of the top talents." Fang Yu raised his brows and said.

"How can it... At least you have to rank in the top ten to be called the top..." Su Changge shook his head and said, "Moreover, the ranking list is getting more and more water now. Only Yuan Ying is under 30. The cultivation base of the period has the opportunity to enter the sky list."

"Those who can reach the **** transformation stage before the age of thirty... are directly ranked in the top five and three."

"When I was ranked 23rd, in fact, I only had my cultivation base in the mid-Yuan Ying period."

Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly, and he said, "According to you, when the rankings were not watered back then, shouldn't the top three and the top five reach the fit period"

"Of course it's impossible...who I'm talking about refers to the overall situation." Su Changge said, "The God-Transforming Stage is still the top arrogant, but in the previous rankings, there are at least ten to fifteen Tianjiao above the Transforming Stage. Now... there are only a handful of people. In the next few years, the Yuan Ying period may be number one on that day."

"Of course, the situation I said was also told to me by some seniors."

"I'm only thirty-two years old, and I haven't experienced an era when there were more than a dozen gods in the Tianban."

What Su Changge said is in line with the real situation.

As the aura becomes thinner and thinner, the overall level of the monks will naturally drop sharply.

In the world of cultivating immortals, evil spirits with extremely high cultivation talents appeared from time to time.

It's like a hundred years of ascending to immortals, ten days of pill formation, and even the existence of crossing the three realms in one day.

That era was the most prosperous era.

Even Fang Yu had tried to rise to the 22nd floor in one day...small realm.

What Fang Yu didn't even dream of was that...this record would be broken by himself thousands of years later, in an era when his aura was almost exhausted.

After absorbing the son of Pluto, his realm has broken through more than 30 consecutive levels, and he has reached the 1053 level in the Qi Refining Period!

"It seems that the biggest role of these alien races... is to improve my cultivation."

Thinking of this, Fang Yu's eyes shone straight.

If he had not found a reason to clean up the alien race before.

Now, there is a reason.

That is... in order to improve the realm.

Although the improvement of the realm now seems unable to bring substantial improvement.

But at least, when breaking through the realm, the heart is refreshing.

For Fang Yu, this is enough.

Back home, Fang Yu immediately set out to study the next location to be opened.

It will be tomorrow, the twenty-fifth, eight o'clock in the morning.

The location is located in the southwest region, the ancient **** tree in the Da Zhao rain forest.

Fang Yu inquired and found that the Da Zhao Rain Forest belonged to a tribe in the southwest region called Da Zhao Tribe. The rain forest covers an area of ​​nearly 50 acres, and the area is considered to be very large.

The ancient sacred tree, refers to one of the trees in the rain forest, or a small area

Fang Yu frowned.

The explanation of this place is a bit vague.

"Boss, since this rainforest belongs to a tribe, we will ask someone from that tribe after we arrive. Don't we know what the ancient sacred tree is" Su Changge said.

"Do you think the other party will welcome us" Fang Yu asked.

Su Changge's expression changed. He went to Heishi Village a few days ago... I thought there was no one in the village, but I didn't expect that there would be such a large number of corpses coming to'welcome' them.

"No matter what, I'll talk later." Fang Yu said.


As the monks from all sides returned, what happened on Sun Island quickly spread.

There are no top treasures at all, only a group of foreign races on Sun Island!

This group of alien races used the soaring light to attract a large number of monks, only for the purpose of killing!

When the news first circulated, it caused a lot of doubts.

Alien Kill

In this era, where is there any alien

And use Baoguang to attract monks This is even more impossible!

According to historical records, alien races generally did not develop spiritual intelligence. Even if they did, their IQ was extremely low. How could they come up with such a method

Besides, what kind of alien can forge the heavenly treasure

For a time, the northern capital martial arts community had heated discussions.

All kinds of opinions are endless, but most people believe that...the top treasures exist, but among the monks who go to Sun Island, no one can pass the inheritance.

Most cultivators didn't believe that the foreign race would use tactics to kill people, let alone the soaring light... just a virtual image.

"The emergence of top treasures will inevitably bring extremely difficult tests. This is common sense. I think that the group of monks on the island just failed to pass the test and were frightened by the test set by the place of inheritance. Absurd remarks like alien killing."

Not long afterwards, shortly after leaving the customs, the monk who ranked second in the holy list made a public statement.

His remarks immediately caused a sensation.

After all, it is the second powerful word in the holy list, so the authority is naturally extremely high.

But I didn't think that after an hour passed, the Gyeing Sky Bureau also issued an announcement.

The content of the announcement is about the specific situation on Sun Island.

Words such as Pluto, Son of Pluto, and Alien Awakening also appeared in the announcement.

This announcement is equivalent to confirming the remarks of the group of monks returning from Sun Island.

This time, the martial arts world became more lively.

Needless to say about the authority of the Tian Ju.

But the words of the monk who is second in the holy list are also very important!

Li Monk was the great monk of Wujue Temple and one of the living fossils of the martial arts world!

More than a hundred years ago, the reputation of the Wujue Temple and the Li monk ~www.novelhall.com~ was even louder than Glimpse!

At that time, Wujue Temple was considered to be the top power in the martial arts world in the northern capital, but it did not belong to the aristocratic family or the sect.

It's a very strong organization like watching the Tianju, Orderly, and Martial Arts Association.

But for some reason, at the peak of Wujue Temple, the monk Li suddenly announced his resignation as the great monk of Wujue Temple, and since then he has retired to the mountains and forests, focusing on the way of cultivation.

And the reaction from Wujue Temple stunned the entire martial arts world at that time.

Announce dissolution directly!

From then on, there is no Wujue Temple in Beidu!

This was the most controversial event of the year.

Since then, fewer and fewer people know about Wujue Temple.

And the name of the monk can only be seen in the holy list.

Most monks today know that the monk only knows that he is the second highest power in the holy list.

I don't know anything about the Wujue Temple back then or the events that shocked the summer.

Those who knew the events of that year were shocked at this moment.

Li monk actually made a public statement!

You know, the monk has been silent for many years!

Why did he speak publicly, and his speech is completely contrary to what the Spy Bureau said

For a time, the entire hot summer martial arts community was discussing the events that happened in Sun Island.

Some people support the remarks made by the monk, and many people choose to believe in authority and support the view of Kye Tian Ju.


Northern Capital, glimpse the sky.

A monk with extremely plain clothes, even a little tattered, walked to the gate of Gyeoping the Sky.

The guards looking at the gates of the Heavenly Bureau are all from the Lin family.

"Who are you looking for" a guard asked.

"I... want to see Baikonggu." The monk said slowly.-

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