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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1193: From the Jiang family

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After destroying the circle of Wanjie's tomb, Fang Yu left Daxilin with a small wind chime and returned to the northern capital.

Along the way, the little wind chimes were gloomy, her face wrinkled.

Although she was not injured, she was in a bad mood.

It's rare to be able to come out to play with the master today... But I had to go home before I had enough. I passed by a cemetery, but I just went down to take a look, and I was blown up by a woman with mud all over my face.

The more wind chime thought about it, the more angry her eyes were reddening.

Her negative emotions continued until Fang Yu said that she would not go home first.

After returning to the northern capital, Fang Yu decided to visit the Lin family.

He hadn't been to Lin's house for several months since he merged with Dao Spirit Body.

When I arrived at Lin's house, it was already one o'clock in the afternoon.

"Fang, Master Fang!"

The guard at the gate recognized Fang Yu at a glance and looked excited.

"I, I'll report to the Patriarch..." The guard said and ran back.

"No, I walk in by myself." Fang Yu said.

Then he walked into the gate of Lin's house with a small wind chime.

"Master Fang..." The guard followed and said, "The owner is currently in the living room to meet the guests, you can..."

"It's okay, I'll go shopping by myself." Fang Yu said, "Go ahead and do your job."

Hearing Fang Yu's words, the guards naturally stopped talking, and bowed respectfully in the direction Fang Yu left.

And Fang Yu took a small wind chime and walked leisurely along the road inside.

While walking, Fang Yu glanced at the little wind chime and found that she was looking around curiously.

"It's obviously not as good as ours. What's so interesting" Fang Yu asked.

"Our house has a good view, but I am tired of seeing it, Master." Xiao Feng Chime replied solemnly.

Fang Yu wanted to say something, but suddenly remembered that Xiao Feng Chime had been in that big house much longer than him.

And most of the time, I was alone.

Although the area of ​​the mansion is huge, and the scenery is also a lot... But for the small wind chimes, maybe it is really tired.

Think about it, for hundreds of years and thousands of years, if a person stays in a big house, is there anything else to do... I'm afraid you can count how many grasses there are on a meadow

Of course, this is the only way to think of small wind chimes as normal human beings.

If you regard the small wind chime as a spirit... this time is nothing, and you won't feel lonely.

But the problem is...the little wind chimes today are indeed more and more like human beings.

Fang Yu looked at the little wind chime, his eyes flickering slightly, and asked, "Little wind chime, let me ask you a question."

"Huh" Xiao Fengling looked up at Fang Yu.

"You have been in the mansion for so many years Will you feel lonely" Fang Yu asked.

"...Lonely" Little Wind Chime didn't seem to understand this word. She put her chin in her hand and asked, "Master, what does loneliness mean"

"...It's very boring. No matter what you do, you are alone. Sometimes you find something interesting, but you can't talk to others, so that the interesting things become boring... It's almost like this. "Fang Yu said.

"Oh... Then I must be lonely!" Xiao Feng Chime replied firmly, "Master, you have not come back for so many years, I am really boring, I often dream that I can dream of your master coming back..."

"Dreaming" Fang Yu asked in surprise.

"Yeah." Xiao Feng Chime nodded naturally.

At this time, Fang Yu was already speechless.

He looked at the little wind chimes, the shock in his eyes could not be compounded.

To be honest, if it weren't for preconceived notions, it would have been difficult for him to associate Little Wind Chimes with Yuexian Wind Chimes.

It's like Xiao Feng Chime is a little girl with extremely high magic circle accomplishments, and has nothing to do with magic weapons.

As for Xiao Feng Chime herself, she seems to have forgotten that she is a spirit...

what is the problem

Fang Yu's eyes flickered.

In history, there has never been a precedent for an intelligent adult.

Although the Yuexian Wind Chime was rated as a semi-immortal-level artifact...Fang Yu actually collected many semi-immortal-level artifacts, and only the Yuexian wind chime was a special case.

In thinking, Fang Yu and Xiao Fengling had already reached the Lin's building.

When he walked to the main living room, Fang Yu broke away from his thoughts.

Unlike usual, there was not a single person in the living room of Patriarch Lin at this time.

"They are all in the welcoming living room What guests need such a big reception" Fang Yu thought for a while, turning around and heading to the welcoming living room.

The welcome room is also in the Lin Family Building, but on the side.

Fang Yu could clearly feel the aura of several monks before he even approached.

There are a total of nine monks, six of them are in the mating phase, three of them are at the peak of the mating phase, two in the middle of the mating phase, and one at the beginning of the mating phase.

There are also three auras that are higher than the combined period, and they should all be in the Mahayana state.

Feeling these nine breaths, Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly.

The times are really different.

It is said that it is the era, but in fact it has changed in just a few months.

After Fang Yu inexplicably inspired the huge super spirit balloon in the atmosphere, everything was different.

Before the spiritual energy has recovered... the monks who can step into the Mahayana realm throughout the hot summer may be able to count them with two hands.

After the aura recovered, in just a few months, the Mahayana monks sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain.

This situation has completely surpassed the most glorious period in the world of cultivation that Fang Yu has experienced.

At the same time, it also made the Mahayana monks very cheap.

When he fought against Xiu Tao, Fang Yu had an extremely cherished idea, and he was afraid that he would kill Xiu Tao too soon to enjoy the fun of fighting.

But now, the Mahayana realm... can no longer make Fang Yu interested.

What can interest him a little... can only be the Yin Yang realm or the higher realm.

Before he shot against Bai Wuya, he thought there would be a good battle.

But Bai Wuya, the old man, didn't even have the desire to fight, so he turned and ran.

Therefore, that match was in vain... there was no gain at all.

Fang Yu took a small wind chime and slowly walked to the corner, but did not walk to the door of the living room.

He didn't want to disturb the Lin family meeting the guests.

But he was very curious. This made no secret, even the Nine Paths of Aura that was deliberately released, which family came from and what came to the Lin Family.

Fang Yu grabbed the little wind chime who wanted to go forward and made a silent gesture.


Welcome in the living room.

Lin Zhengxiong was sitting in the first place, and another man was sitting next to him.

In the back row of seats, there are eight other guests.

These nine people are all wearing pale blue robes, with the word'ginger' printed on their chests.

North Capital, Jiang Family.

On the Lin family's side, more than a dozen core members were all present ~www.novelhall.com~ including the younger Lin Zhengxiong and Lin Zhilan.

At this time, Lin Zhilan was lowering her head, expressionless.

And sitting across from her, a fairly handsome young man from the Jiang family was staring at Lin Zhilan with undisguised hot eyes.

For some reason, neither side spoke.

Although Lin Zhengxiong had a faint smile on his face, his brows were slightly frowned, his expression a bit solemn.

The man with a moustache sitting next to him was smiling.

"Brother Lin, we, Jiang Hao, were definitely not worthy of your Lin family daughter at the beginning, so naturally we didn't dare to propose to you, but now..." The man glanced at the Lin family opposite, smiled, and said, "We Jiang I dare not say that my family has become a top-notch family, but the Lin family is a good match for you."

Upon hearing these words, the Lin family's complexion changed slightly.

The meaning in this sentence... is already obvious, even with a little sarcasm.

Lin Zhengxiong looked at the man in front of him with gloomy eyes.

They have maintained a cooperative relationship with the Jiang family before.

At the beginning, the Jiang family was considered a middle-class family in Beidu at best, and a younger brother of the Lin family.

Over the years, the relationship between the Lin family and the Jiang family is not bad, and it has also helped the Jiang family a lot.

Now that the aura has recovered, the Jiang family's strength has suddenly improved dramatically.

Then, they came to propose a kiss.

The nine Jiang family members in front of them had released their cultivation base aura, which was enough to crush their Lin family.

The current Jiang family is indeed stronger than the Lin family in strength. This is an indisputable fact.

Nine of them came to the door today and deliberately revealed their cultivation base, with obvious intentions.

They just want to marry the Lin family, so that Jiang Hao, the arrogant of the Jiang family, and Lin Zhilan will be united.-

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