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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 1597: Penetrating points

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"I have to go." The crazy old man said without answering Fang Yu's doubts.

Fang Yu didn't ask further, just nodded and said, "Thank you."

The Eye of Insight that the crazy old man gave him back then... that is now the Eye of the Great Dao, has brought Fang Yu a lot of help in the past two years.

The crazy old man waved his hand, turned and walked outside the village.

"We still have a chance to meet again" Fang Yu thought for a while and asked again.

The crazy old man didn't turn his head and said, "Meet Hmmm... we'd better not meet again. At that time... everything is over."

Hearing this endless sentence, Fang Yu's eyes flashed with a strange color, and he watched the crazy old man walk forward.

At this moment, the crazy old man suddenly stopped and turned to look at Fang Yu.

"Originally, the Great Dao Lingzhu would be handed over to you by that person himself." The crazy old man stared at Fang Yu and said, "It's a pity that there was an accident."

"So, this time I am meeting you on behalf of that person."

"In the days to come, I hope you can see that person... although hope is small."

After saying this, the crazy old man continued to move forward and never looked back.

Fang Yu stood where he was, watching the crazy old man drifting away, until he couldn't see his back at all, then he looked back.

"That person..." Fang Yu raised his head and looked towards the sky.

It was still in the evening.

Fang Yu turned around and looked at the village behind.

The villagers talked and laughed, cooked rice, and had fun.

Villagers pass by from time to time at the entrance of the village, but these people seem to be unable to see Fang Yu.

The scene before him completely restored the situation back then.

It's just that these villagers are no longer there, they are just virtual images.

But this feeling of going back to the past still made Fang Yu feel inexplicably relieved.

What he likes... is exactly the kind of leisurely life back then.


After a while, the scene in front of me began to slowly zoom out until I couldn't see clearly.


Fang Yu opened his eyes and the dream was over.

He returned to reality.

At this time it was dawn and the first day was rising.

Fang Yu wanted to stretch, only to find that Leng Xunshuang was still leaning on his chest.

But he moved slightly, and Leng Xunshuang woke up.

"Fang, Mr. Fang!"

Her face was flushed, her body trembled and she almost fell to the ground.

Fang Yu held her back.

From the first sentence of his mouth, Fang Yu knew that what was in front of him was not Leng Xunshuang's consciousness, but Ji Rumei.

"I, how could I..." Ji Ru brows blush as if bleeding.

"It's okay." Fang Yu patted her shoulder.

Ji Rumei's delicate body trembled slightly, and she felt soft all over.

She never thought that one day she would fall asleep in Fang Yu's arms!

This is simply... a scene that has never appeared in a dream!

"You go down to wash, I'll take a trip to the back mountain." Fang Yu stood up and said.

"Good, good." Ji Rumei replied.

Fang Yu turned to look towards the back mountain, jumped at his feet, and flew out.

Ji Rumei stayed in place, clutching her hot cheeks, her eyes still full of shyness.


Fang Yu sat down on the top of the back mountain and closed his eyes.

Last night's sleepiness was unprecedented, causing him to fall asleep soon.

In the subsequent dreams, Fang Yu remembered every scene clearly.

Especially when talking to the crazy old man.

But after all, it was something that was done in a dream. Whether the Great Dao Lingzhu... really has been integrated into the body, you have to take a look to know.

After Fang Yu closed his eyes, his divine sense entered the Dao spirit body.

Before carefully observing the inside of the Dao Spirit Body, Fang Yu found that the surface of the Dao Spirit Body was covered with a faint light.

Judging from the breath...this is the earth source crystal!

The aura of the earth source crystal is different, it does not contain any power of law, but a kind of existence similar to divine consciousness.

After fusing the source crystals, the biggest change Fang Yu can feel is... his perception ability has reached an extremely terrifying point, and it can even be said that there is no limit in the earth.

Fang Yu did not pay too much attention to the source crystal, but looked inside.

The surface of the Dao spirit body is still crystal clear and transparent, and various existences can be clearly seen inside.

And in the center of his chest, there was already a fist-sized ball glowing with blue light.

It is the Dao Lingzhu!

Fang Yu's heart moved slightly, and his spiritual sense approached the Dao Lingzhu.

The crazy old man gave him the bead, but he didn't say anything about the bead.

What is the role of Dao Lingzhu

Fang Yu approached the Dao Lingzhu, but did not feel any aura inside.

It exists in the Dao Spirit Body, it seems that it is part of the Dao Spirit Body, and cannot feel the strange breath.

But when Fang Yu's consciousness actually touched the Dao Lingzhu, it immediately changed.


The light of the Dao Lingzhu is even stronger, shining the entire Dao Lingzhu brightly!

From head to toe, every part of the Dao Spirit Body appeared a number of light spots.

Fang Yu glanced randomly, there were 720 in total.

Their location corresponds exactly to the 720 acupuncture points of the human body!


These acupoints flicker, and the Dao Lingzhu on the chest emits beams of light, connecting them all!


In this way, the seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in Dadao Spirit's body are connected together with blue light rays!


At this moment, Fang Yu's whole body was shocked, only to feel that the acupuncture points on his whole body were opened up again ~ www.novelhall.com~ This feeling was very refreshing, as if the body suddenly added a force that could not be used before.


At this time, the light in the Dao spirit body weakened a lot.

But the light of those connected acupuncture points still exists, they are connected, and the end point is on the Dao Lingzhu on the chest.

"I have to seriously feel the changes in my body." Fang Yu's spiritual consciousness left the Dao spirit body and returned to reality.


Fang Yu opened his eyes, his eyes flickering.


He stood up, his mind moved, the 720 acupuncture points on his body were like 720 whirlpools, constantly absorbing all the beneficial auras around him.

Aura, vitality... a large amount is absorbed into it.

During this process, Fang Yu felt energetic and was in a state of continuous replenishment.

"Continuously absorb the breath autonomously to maintain the saturation of the true qi and spiritual qi in the body... In this way, would I not even lose the true qi in battle Even the more I fight, the stronger my breath..." Fang Yu's eyes Flashing, thought.

Although Fang Yu's true qi was infinite.

But now that the acupuncture points are opened up, and the breath can be absorbed into the body on its own, it is even more powerful.

You know, the more true energy that certain spells can instill at one time, the higher the intensity of the spells.

Although Fang Yu has a lot of zhenqi, there are still limits after all, and the power of a performance blast is limited.

But now, because these acupuncture points can absorb breath all the time, Fang Yu can be able to use unlimited true energy at once!

For example, Tyrannical Palm... As long as Fang Yu wanted to, it could make it explode with a destructive power comparable to true immortal level spells, even more terrifying.


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