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The third largest camp.

After Fang Yu and Lin Batian returned, they found that the chaos in the camp was much better.

In the eight yuan, Tiannan waited until the commander's coordination, most of the cultivators returned to their camps, the functions of the leaders at all levels were restored, and the order was gradually restored.

As for the eight million monks who came from the super most, most of them are now injured, and they are all taken under the third largest.

As a result, the number of monks under the third largest group has reached ten million.

The combat power of this scale has surpassed most of the other three frontiers, and can even be comparable to today's super most!

However, for high-level warfare, the comparison of forces does not make much sense.

Especially in places like Xuyuan Realm, basically all cultivators have no sense of belonging in their hearts, and they have no feelings for their own forces.

The reason why they are willing to work for the alliance is only to obtain vital training resources.

Under such circumstances, many monks only look at benefits.

On which side they can get more benefits, they choose which side to stand on.

Therefore, the war in the virtual abyss is actually difficult to scale up.

You only need to solve the opponent's leader to completely reverse the trend of war.

Once the leader is defeated, no matter how many monks are, the entire force will be disintegrated in an instant.

On the top floor of a command tower, Fang Yu and Lin Batian carried their hands and looked into the distance.

"Lao Fang, if you continue to fight like this, the Open Mountain Alliance will definitely not be able to handle it. Next, the Stars and Light Alliance and the Early Profound Alliance will also be resolved..." Lin Batian said, squinting, "Then you will become The king of the Xuyuan realm, this name sounds powerful enough."

"What's the use of prestige and prestige The Void Abyss Realm is just a small part of this big plane. Walking out from here, the outside world is too big." Fang Yu said.

"That's true. The prestige is really useless. The greater the reputation, the more likely it is to find disaster." Lin Batian said here, a flash of coldness flashed in his eyes.

When Fang Yu heard these words, he also remembered the encounter between Lin Batian and Yuhuamen at Datianchenxing.

Combined with the words of the Primordial Sword Sect and Changtian...

Being strong is original sin.

And this sentence is obviously only for Human Race.

"In the later period of Datianchenxing, I actually realized something was wrong." Lin Batian raised his head and looked at the sky, with cold eyes, and said, "I feel that I have eyes staring at me all the time, and that gaze... bona fide."

"That is the power beyond the plane, I have also experienced it." Fang Yu said, "They want to kill all the geniuses of the race, and in history, the geniuses who died under that power... countless, including Datian. The ancestor of Chenxing, Hong Tianchen."

"Hong Tianchen..." Lin Batian's eyes moved slightly.

"Have you seen him" Fang Yu asked, narrowing his eyes slightly.

The time he met with Hong Tianchen was too short to have time to ask many questions.

"Maybe I have seen it, but... he didn't reveal his identity, but I can see the abnormalities in him." Lin Batian recalled for a moment and said.

Speaking of this, Lin Batian's expression became even colder, and said: "Even the existence of the Star Ancestor level can't escape the fate of being attacked by that force..."

"Because the power comes from a higher level, there is no way to guard against it." Fang Yu said with cold light in his eyes, "Hong Tianchen only used a strong power once, and he was noticed by that force... and then obliterated."

After saying this, Fang Yu and Lin Batian stopped talking.

The two looked into the distance, their eyes cold.

Beyond the blue sky, there is an endless starry sky.

Where did that power come from, and why it can accurately kill every celebrity powerhouse...I don't know.

"Lao Fang... In the future, you will find the guys who put cold guns on our heads. You must kill them all, and kill them all by the most cruel means! This will relieve your anger and kill everyone in our human race. Revenge for the strong!"

After a long silence, Lin Batian said fiercely.

"Of course, and you will be with me, we will kill those guys together." Fang Yu turned to look at Lin Batian and said.

Hearing this, Lin Batian's eyes flickered slightly, shook his head, and said, "It might be a bit difficult for me. There is a time limit for leaving the Land of Omen, and that time limit... does not allow me to leave the Void Abyss Realm."

"I will definitely find a way to remove the seal on you." Fang Yu said, "Trust me, I will leave the land of death with you."

Lin Batian nodded, then patted Fang Yu on the shoulder, opened his mouth, but said nothing.

Such a hesitant appearance is extremely rare in Lin Batian.

Because in Fang Yu's impression, Lin Batian has always been a hearty and straightforward person.

"Are you hiding anything from me" Fang Yu asked, narrowing his eyes.

"No...Is there anything to conceal" Lin Batian said, "I'm like this now, can the situation get worse"

Fang Yu nodded, saying nothing more.


At this time, Lin Batian's eyes changed slightly.

He raised his right hand, and a light flashed in his palm.

A shining diamond appeared in his palm.

Exactly the same as the previous diamond.

"Mo Qinghan." Lin Batian glanced at Fang Yu and said.

"Listen to what she said." Fang Yu said.

Lin Batian nodded, then crushed the diamond.


The diamond shattered and the light bloomed.

This time, Mo Qinghan's body did not condense, only a sound was made.

"Batian...I, the leader, the leader asked to see you...you..." Mo Qinghan's tone was rather anxious, full of fear and panic.

"Qing Han, don't worry, speak slowly if you have anything, I will help you carry it when the sky falls, don't panic, speak slowly." Lin Batian frowned.

"..." Mo Qinghan was silent for a while, seemed to take a deep breath, and then said, "Leader, I want to meet you two..."

"Oh Where will we meet He is coming to our side" Lin Batian asked.

"She originally wanted to go directly, but was persuaded. Now she has chosen a star in the center of us..." Mo Qing paused, and continued, "My lord said... if you don't come here~www.novelhall .com~she, she will launch an all-out attack...and..."

"Also, I will imprison Mo Qinghan, so you don't even want to see her again!"

At this moment, a female voice with a cold tone but full of magnetism came out.

Obviously, it was not Mo Qinghan's voice, but the voice of another woman.

And from the tone of voice, it is likely that it is the lord of the leader that Mo Qinghan said!

The leader of the Star Alliance is also a female monk!

Lin Batian looked at Fang Yu, his eyes widened, a little surprised.

"We need a position." Fang Yu also said at this moment.

"Location, I will naturally tell you. But remember, you must be in time for the appointment."-

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