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Chapter 2711 Humiliation

Hearing these two names, all three people in front of them were puzzled.

Hong Yaozu was obviously a little dazed, and asked: "Brother, you say it again"

"No Kunshan, Tiandao Mountain." Fang Yu repeated.

Hong Yaozu muttered these two names once to himself, then shook his head and said, "Brother, I have never heard of these two mountains."

"What about you" Fang Yu looked at Zhixi and Leng Xing and asked, "You haven't heard of it either"


Both Zhixi and Leng Xing shook their heads.

Fang Yu's eyes narrowed.

It seems that there are indeed very few monks who understand the history of one hundred thousand years ago.

Without Kunshan, there have been great battles on Tiandao Mountain, but today no one has heard of the names of these two mountains.

However, this is the southern part of Yunyu Continent, an area controlled by the Protoss family.

History is written by the victors, and it is normal for these monks from the Tiansha clan to not know it.

After all, whether it was the Battle of Tiandao Mountain or the Battle of Wukunshan... the dominant two clans of the gods and demons never won. For them, this history is obviously a shame.

Since it is a shame, it seems normal that they are reluctant to mention more.

So...Where can we collect information about Tiandao Mountain and Wukun Mountain

Ask the human race... Fei Qi certainly doesn't know, but what about the other human races

Fang Yu thought for a while, and called Fei Qi over again.

"Go ask those human monks to see if anyone has heard of Wukun Mountain and Tiandao Mountain." Fang Yu ordered.

"Yes!" Fei Qi took his orders and left immediately.

"There are also people from Qi Zong...they are most likely to know." Fang Yu thought.

"Brother, if you want to search for relevant information, younger brother can do it for you." Hong Yaozu stepped forward and said.

"Yes, but I am afraid it is not easy to search." Fang Yu said, "This is a history related to the human race."

"It's okay, just spend money. If one billion is not enough, then two billion, one billion! You can always find relevant information!" Hong Yaozu replied, slapped his chest, "Big Brother, you have to believe me in this regard. ability."

"Then you go." Fang Yu said, "If you can find valuable information, I will reward you."


Hearing the word "reward", Hong Yaozu's eyes lit up and his face was full of excitement.

Behind, seeing Hong Yaozu's flattering appearance, Leng Xing's eyes were full of disdain and contempt.

To bow to a human race is extremely humiliating in his opinion.

"I really don't even need the face, I'm sorry for the blood of the Tiansha clan flowing in the blood." Leng Xing thought.

Of course, he only dared to think about these words in his heart, but didn't dare to say them.

He received the blood contract, no matter how unwilling in his heart, he could only accept Fang Yu's order on the surface.

Until...The Great Lord of the Saint Rune Clan comes to rescue him!

"Wait for the great sages of the Saint Rune clan and the four great sages to come, you will definitely die miserably! At that time...I will definitely find a way to find the place!" Leng Xing said inwardly.

At this moment, Fang Yu's gaze suddenly turned to Leng Xing.

Leng Xing's heart trembled, and immediately lowered his head to cover up the murderous aura in his eyes.

"Leng Xing, you have to do a good search for me too." Fang Yu said with an inexplicable smile on his face.

"...understand." Leng Xing replied.

"Okay, you can do it." Fang Yu said.

"Brother, the dungeon has been settled, you can go to set up the magic circle. Also, shouldn't we tell them what we are doing in the Saint Rune Clan" Hong Yaozu spoke to Fang Yu's divine consciousness.

"Okay, I'll go to set up the formation later. As for what we do in the Saint Rune clan, only you and I can know, don't tell it to you, even your father." Fang Yu replied.

"Okay!" Hong Yaozu became even more excited.

He knew very well that when he shared a secret with Fang Yu, and it was a secret that only they knew... it showed that he was already Fang Yu's confidant.

"Father, the name you gave me is really great. In the future, I really want to be my ancestor..." Hong Yaozu was in ecstasy.

Then, he and Leng Xing left.

But Zhixi still stayed in place.

"Are you still doing something" Fang Yu asked, looking at Zhixi.

Zhixi walked to Fang Yu's body, bent slightly, and whispered: "I wonder if Fang Daneng has time, our head wants to meet you."

"Oh Is there anything important to him" Fang Yu asked.

Zhixi raised her head, looked at Fang Yu, her beautiful eyes flickered slightly, and said, "I just want to thank Fang Daneng for us..."

"Then there is no need." Fang Yu waved his hand and said, "I am really busy and I have no free time. As for thanks, there is no need to thank, and I didn't do anything."

"Okay." Zhixi lowered her head, a trace of disappointment and frustration flashed in her eyes.

She knew very well that after Fang Yu successively controlled such powerhouses as Hong Yaozu and Leng Xing, her role would be greatly reduced.

After all, she was only born in a second-tier sect like Burning Palace, and she did not have the strength of Leng Xing, nor the financial resources and resources of Hong Yaozu.

With continuous development, there will be more powerhouses being included by Fang Yu in the future, and she will gradually be marginalized until Fang Yu is completely forgotten.

In the future, she wants to use Fang Yu's influence to make Fen Gong soar into the sky...It seems that it is just a delusion.

If possible, she would be willing to become Fang Yu's furnace tripod.

Its just that, after a period of understanding... she found that Fang Yu had no interest in this kind of thing, or her... at all.

Even if she had a stunning face, she couldn't attract Fang Yu to look at her more.

So, this road was also blocked.

Zhixi wants to do more so that she will not be marginalized, but for now... she has nothing to do.

"Do you really want to find something to do"

At the moment when Zhixi felt extremely depressed, Fang Yu suddenly spoke.

This question is like seeing through her heart.

Zhixi raised her head and nodded immediately.

Fang Yu smiled ~www.novelhall.com~ and said: "What I ask you to do may make you feel a little humiliated, but I hope you know that I really didn't mean to humiliate you, I just Good bite."

Zhixi was taken aback for a moment, and then realized that what Fang Yu was talking about might be that kind of thing...

It turns out that a strong like Fang Yu is still interested in that kind of thing Just won't show it...

Zhixi grew up in the Fen Palace since he was a child. After he was cultivated into the shape of a god, his appearance was outstanding, so there were many followers.

But she was never interested in these things, and focused on cultivation and sect.

Now, Fang Yu wants to make this request, but she is not upset at all, but rather excited and expectant.

After all, a strong person like Fang Yu is already lucky to be able to see her. She has nothing to complain, let alone feel humiliated.

"Fang Daneng, no matter what you let the little girl do...the little girl will not feel humiliated, that is what the little girl...should do." Zhixi bit her red lips and lowered her head.

"Great, you will stay here in the future and make tea specially for me." Fang Yu smiled.

(End of this chapter)-

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