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Chapter 2713 No distinction between you and me

Xu Yuquan, this guy has been smiling since the first meeting, but his face is terribly gloomy at the moment.

His tone is very strong, and his reaction is also very intense.

But it was such an abnormal reaction that actually aroused Fang Yu's interest.

At this time, Qi Zong glanced at Xu Yuquans face, his eyes changed, then looked at Fang Yu, and said roundly: "Director Fang, about the history of Yuanshi Zhizun, Wen Li should have been with you..."

"I have said it just now. He did say it, but it was not detailed enough." Fang Yu said calmly without empathy.

As soon as he said these words, Qi Zong and Wen Cangtian next to them both changed their faces, turning their heads to look at Xu Yuquan.

Xu Yuquan controls eighteen ethnic groups, and is considered a high-level organization in the organization.

His words are very important, at least...for Qi Zong and Wen Cangtian.

At this moment, not long after Fang Yu, who had just joined the organization, he was promoted to the board of directors, and he did not give Xu Yuquan face at all...This approach is obviously unjustifiable.

Xu Yuquan...it is very likely to be angry.

"No Kunshan, Tiandao Mountain, where are these two mountains currently located" Fang Yu asked again, not caring about the faces of the three in front of him.

Xu Yuquan stared at Fang Yu, his face sinking like water, and a dangerous cold light flashed in his eyes.

Fang Yu didn't avoid Xu Yuquan's gaze at all, so he looked at him.

No Kunshan, Tiandao Mountain... is the place he must go.

And he asked questions in his current capacity, but there was actually no problem.

Even if there is a problem, it doesnt matter.

The reason why he continues to stay in this organization is to find out all kinds of clues.

If soft is not good, then hard.

He doesn't mind working here, take all the three guys in front of him, and make plans later.

The whole hall suddenly became quiet.

Xu Yuquan stared straight at Fang Yu, the fierce expression in his eyes became more obvious.

"This guy is really a smiling tiger. He looked elegant and easygoing before, but now he has a fierce look..." Fang Yu's heart moved slightly.

"Ha ha……"

Just as the atmosphere became tense, Xu Yuquan suddenly smiled.

He lowered his head, raised his head again, his expression returned to his previous elegant appearance.

"Director Fang doesn't have a deep understanding of the human race's past, and it is excusable to ask questions many times. I have overreacted." Xu Yuquan said apologetically, "It's just that I hate that period of history too much. I dont want to hear...but if Director Fang insists on wanting to understand, please ask the manager to explain to you, but I am sorry that I cannot be there to listen. Once I hear this history, I will easily lose control."

Listening to these words, Fang Yu looked at Wen Cangtian.

Wen Cangtian came back to his senses and immediately clasped his fist and said: "If the director Fang has any doubts, the old man will answer them one by one later."

"If this is the case, let's talk about the important things first. After the talks are over... Director Fang will talk to the manager Wen in detail." Qi Zong said.

"Yes." Fang Yu nodded.

Soon, Fang Yu sat on the left side of the hall.

Xu Yuquan sat in the first place, his expression completely restored, as if nothing happened before.

"What we are going to talk about today..." Xu Yuquan said.

"Is it related to the Saint Rune Clan" Fang Yu interrupted Xu Yuquan again and asked.

Xu Yuquan's eyes moved slightly, looking at Qi Zong.

"Master Xu, I mentioned the Saint Rune clan to Director Fang before I got down..." Qi Zong replied immediately.

"Well... Director Fang has the right to know about this." Xu Yuquan nodded and said, "It's just that what we are going to talk about today... has nothing to do with the incident of the Saint Rune tribe."

"Oh Don't talk about the Saint Marks" Fang Yu squinted slightly, his heart moved slightly.

He originally thought that these three guys gathered here mainly to talk about the situation within the Saint Rune clan.

I didn't think about it, but it was not for this.

What would it be for

"We gathered today, mainly to talk about the future direction of the Tiansha clan currently controlled by the director." Xu Yuquan looked at Fang Yu and said.

Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly, and he asked, "The future direction"

"Yes, I heard from Qi Zong that Director Fang has basically controlled the Tiansha clan at present." Xu Yuquan said.

"That's it." Fang Yu replied.

"Then, we can proceed to the next step." Xu Yuquan said.

"What is the next plan" Fang Yu asked.

"It's actually very simple, it's recruiting." Xu Yuquan smiled.

"Recruitment" Fang Yu raised his brows.

"It is to gather all the slaves of the Tiansha clan and persuade this group of slaves to join our organization." Qi Zong explained to the side, "In this way, we can maximize the results of the battle."

"Then what" Fang Yu asked.

"Then" Qi Zong was taken aback.

"After that, Director Fang can move to the next ethnic group and continue to repeat what we have done before. We gradually gather the entire human race of Yunyu Continent together and unite the power of all human races..." Xu Yuquan said.

"I've heard before that there is an area where human races gather on the Yunyue Continent... If human races are needed, would it be better to go directly to that area Why bother to search for human races under the control of so many gods Slave" Fang Yu blinked and asked.

Hearing this, Xu Yuquan's expression changed rapidly. He was a little surprised for an instant, but he quickly returned to normal, concealing the past.

"The area where the human races gather What is that place If Director Fang has intelligence, he can tell us and we will investigate again!" Xu Yuquan said.

"I just listened to others casually saying that there is such a place, I thought you all know..." Fang Yu smiled and shook his head, "It seems that guy is just talking nonsense~www.novelhall.com~ If there is such a place, we can indeed avoid a lot of trouble." Xu Yuquan nodded, "Unfortunately, as far as the intelligence we currently control, the human race is completely scattered among the various ethnic groups, and most of them are slaves... We only use various means to bring them back to the organization."

"I move to the next race, what will the evil clan do that day Who will be in charge" Fang Yu asked again.

"Hehe, Director Fang doesn't need to worry about this, Mr. Xu will take care of the follow-up matters." Qi Zong on the side smiled and said.

"Oh It turned out to be handled by Master Xu..." Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly and said, "Then I occupied Tiansha Mansion..."

"Master Xu will not directly control the Tiansha clan, he will support a new force to take over. After that, the Tiansha clan will actually be brought under the control of our organization." Qi Zong laughed, "Our organization is in control, In fact, you and I are in control. As long as you join the organization and become a member of the organization, you will not be separated from you."

"Understood." Fang Yu nodded.

"Hehe...Since Director Fang already knows, then follow the normal process and try to complete the collection of human slaves within the Tiansha clan within ten days."

(End of this chapter)-

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