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The Strongest Qi Refiner ~: The end of the crossbow

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And there is a tall tower in the center. This tall tower is like a red firework, which is quite conspicuous, and the lake below is reflected red.

Obviously, that is the main mansion of the Red Devil Race!

Fang Yu stared at the distant mountain city, squinted, and dashed forward faster.


With a touch of golden light in his figure, he rushed towards the mountain city in front of him at a very fast speed.


Just as Fang Yu was about to enter the Great Lake area, suddenly two extremely powerful magical powers blasted towards Fang Yu from both sides.

Fang Yu didn't dodge, was hit hard, and flew sideways.

But he quickly stabilized his figure in the air.

At this time, even if there were no injuries at all on his body, he still pretended to be covered in blood and gasping for breath.

In front of him, two figures appeared.

Wearing black and red armor, they have a strong aura, not weaker than the previous generals such as Eternal Tribulation.

Obviously, these two should also exist at the general level.

Fang Yu took a deep breath and stopped in the air.

"Swish swish..."

A burst of air-breaking sound came from the rear, followed by a large number of cries of anger from the elite of the Red Devil race.

The laws in the territory of the Red Devil race are constantly exerting pressure on the other feathers, with extremely high intensity.

"I don't care who you are, that's it."

One of the generals spoke.

His name is Yangnan.

And beside him, he vortex.

The two generals of them are the main mansion responsible for guarding the Red Devil Race!

Compared with the four generals such as Yong Jie, their strength is stronger!

"A Protoss dare to break into the main territory of our Crimson Demon Race..." He Guo's face was full of chill, and the slender eyes were full of cold light.

"You are the first to do this to this seat!" Fang Yu said with a cold face, "This seat is the **** general Ye Mo of the Heavenly God Palace. The clan dared to stop this seat! I still want to kill this seat!"

"As a Protoss, our majesty cannot be blasphemed!"

"Today, even if you pay the price of your life, this seat will let you demons know that our protoss is not something that you demons can offend!"


Before he finished his words, Fang Yu cut it out with a single blow.

At the same time, he used his body skills again and rushed forward.

Both Yang Nan and He Wu were shocked by Fang Yu's words.

They are not very clear about what is happening on the front lines.

But from Fang Yu's words, the whole thing can be heard.

This Ye Mo was an envoy of the Protoss, and when he left, he was blocked by the army of the Red Devil Race... After that, this Ye Mo was not angry, and invaded the Red Devil Race's territory in turn!

Realizing this, Fang Yu was about to pass them and into the sky above the big lake!

"Whatever the cost, he must be stopped!" Yang Nan shouted with an ugly expression.

At the same time, one finger with your right hand!


The spell is released instantly!

Fang Yu was advancing rapidly high in the sky, only feeling a restraining force coming.

"Break it for me!"

Fang Yu pretended to be exhausted again, and released a breath, breaking away from this restraining force.

"call out……"

Then, the blue veins rose up, with all kinds of coercion, and continued to fly towards the tallest tower in the mountain city above the center of the big lake.

"Ah ah ah ...... that nobody tried to stop me ......"

He released a lot of breath, still rushing towards the tower.

"He is at the end of the crossbow, attack with all his strength and stop him!" Yang Nan shouted.

"Boom boom boom..."

On the way to the pagoda, countless powers blasted on Fang Yu's body, and bursts of noise erupted.

"Uh ah ah..."

Fang Yu screamed while vomiting blood, but his speed did not slow down by half, and he was still flying towards the mountain city.

"Damn it! How can he still move forward at this speed in this state!" He Wuo opened her eyes wide, shocked.

"Stop him! Stop him!" Yang Nan had already caught up, gritted his teeth in a hurry!

They have already seen that thisYe Mo is about to rush into their main mansion!

Even if it's dead, it must be done!

And the purpose of doing this... is also obvious.

Just to humiliate the Crimson Demons!

It is a shame to be broken into the main mansion of the Red Devil Race by a Protoss!

There may be no substantial damage, but this move is to make them sick to the Red Devil!

"Swish swish..."

Yang Nan hurried to catch up.

However, Ye Mo, who had beenseriously injured ahead, was still extremely fast.

"Swish swish..."

Soon, before Fang Yu successfully reached the mountain city!

He can feel that there is a more powerful protective circle on the edge of the mountain city!


Fang Yu cut out with a sword.

A loud noise!

The blade slashed on the shield, and a crack appeared in the blade itself!

But this is not just because of the strength of this shield, but also because Fang Yu's power is too strong!

This scimitar couldn't withstand the strength of Fang Yu and the front shield at the same time, and the blade shattered!

But at the same time, Fang Yu's shield was indeed shattered by a hole!

This was made purely by strength!

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