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As his right arm blasted out, layers of black armor grew.

The black and red aura condensed on his right arm and swept!

The power of this punch is extremely terrifying!


In the next moment, Fang Yu's left fist collided with Chi Xuan's right fist!

It's like two meteorites flying fast colliding together!

"Boom boom..."

The power of extreme terror spread outward.

The whole hall was shattered in an instant!

The body of the eighteen sculptural guards above the main hall shattered in an instant!

Before the two punches collided, the ghost had already realized the danger, and his figure turned into a black mist and dispersed.

"Boom boom boom..."

In the explosion, everything in the Demon Emperor's Hall was annihilated.

The horror of the power spreading out at this moment...indescribable.

At the center of the explosion, the black armor that had condensed on Chi Xuan's outstretched right arm exploded from inch to inch.

The breath wrapped around the right arm also dissipated in an instant.

Chi Xuan snorted, and his stature stepped back for a certain distance.

As for Fang Yu, he also stepped back two positions.

But the breath on his entire fist was stronger than before.

"When I received such a punch from the front, my body didn't break clearly. It's not bad. This level is right." Fang Yu looked at Chi Xuan and smiled, "If you can't resist a punch, then I But I was disappointed."

Hearing this, Chi Xuan's eyes towards Fang Yu were completely different from before.

He didn't do his best.

But he knew that Fang Yu didn't use his full strength either!

Moreover, in comparison...Fang Yu seemed to be a more comfortable one in the temptation of the punch just now!

You know, Chi Xuan's royal power is a super physique characterized by strength and physical strength!

From Fang Yu's previous battles with those guarding demon lords and the three great lords of the Protoss, he saw that Fang Yu liked the characteristics of physical melee.

Therefore, he also used his body to deal with Fang Yu, wanting to crush Fang Yu in this regard!

But I didn't think... Fang Yu's physical body was so powerful!

This human race... is not Yuanshi, but the threat level is comparable to Yuanshi's back then!

Chi Xuan's heart trembled, and the expression in Fang Yu's eyes kept changing.

"Come again."


Fang Yu rushed towards Chi Xuan again.

This time, he began to use physical skills.

"Boom boom..."

Fang Yu kept throwing punches, each punch had its own routine, the momentum was like a dragon and a tiger, and the shadow of the punch flickered.

Combined with the secret method of the ghost king, his figure is extremely ghostly, and each punch hits Chi Xuan from a different direction.

Chi Xuan's body was covered with layers of black armor, releasing bursts of terrifying power.

His body is also extremely fast, constantly using his arms, elbows, and even shoulders to block Fang Yu's attack.

His response is very clever, basically able to stand with Fang Yu.

"Not bad..." Fang Yu's eyes lit up.

It has been a long time since he has encountered a strong man who can reach this level in physical skills and physical strength.

Therefore, he was very excited.

As a result, his attacking power is constantly improving, and the speed is also accelerating!

Chi Xuan squinted his eyes, his pupils glowed with red light, and he responded to Fang Yu's punches and kicks!

"Boom boom..."

Terrible noises erupted in the air.

The power exploded in each round of confrontation is enough to destroy a large area.

"His strength and speed are still rising..." Chi Xuan was in the confrontation, and the pressure gradually increased.

Fang Yu's strength and speed seemed to be able to increase indefinitely.

This makes it harder for him to deal with it.

The black armor on his body was continuously shattered by Fang Yu, and he recovered in an instant, repeating itself again and again.

But going on like this... is not a way.

Chi Xuan squinted, slowly opening a hole on his forehead.


An eyeball appeared in this opening!

There is a circular roulette-shaped mark on the pupil of the eyeball!


At this moment, the speed of the world in Chi Xuan's eyes slowed down!

In reality, Fang Yu's offense was almost like a phantom, difficult to capture.

But at this moment, in Chi Xuan's eyes... it was full of flaws.

Kingly Demon Eye!

This is one of the results of his 100,000 years of tolerance!

During the Tiandao Mountain battle that year, he had not yet cultivated the Demon Eye to its fullest extent.

But now, it's done!

He can use the power of the king's demon eye to directly slow down the rate of time!

In this way, Fang Yu's attack was full of flaws!


Chi Xuan seized the opportunity and slammed his right fist!

This punch ~www.novelhall.com~ just avoided all the defensive possibilities of Fang Yu, and was hitting Fang Yu's chest.


With a muffled sound, Fang Yu's body was blasted back hundreds of meters.

He looked at Chi Xuan and squinted slightly.

Can you find a chance to counterattack under such a intensive attack

This counterattack is not simple.

Fang Yu frowned slightly looking at Chi Xuan.

He noticed the third eye on Chi Xuan's forehead, as well as the round roulette in the pupils, intertwined with black and red light.

"I am a kingly demon, you can't defeat me if you master the king's art." Chi Xuan said sharply, the giant demon shadow constantly flickering behind him, his aura was overwhelming!

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