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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3043: Alien species

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In the rear, there is a group of heavy mechanical armors...that is, mechas follow behind.

These things, even in the feathers above the earth, have never seen real objects, but in some sci-fi movies or cartoons... they have seen similar existences!

"I rely on...Is it possible that I have really come to a star that focuses on technology" Fang Yu's expression changed slightly.

After leaving the earth, he went to Datianchenxing, Xuyuan Realm, and then to Yunyu Continent... He has never been to a star that focuses on science and technology!

Fang Yu thought for a while, and headed in the direction of those flying objects.

Soon, the two sides met.

The triangular flying object is not big, and there is obviously no living thing inside.

But the latter group of mechas are different, and there are obviously creatures controlling them inside.

The flying object stopped.

The group of mechas quickly flew forward and surrounded Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi.

"Found creatures! Discovered unknown creatures!"

The rapid report sounded in a building three hundred miles away.

"The creatures... They survived the explosion of the level just now! When did they get to that place They..."

At this moment, the faces of all the creatures in the building changed.

Moreover, in the picture they saw, the two creatures looked unscathed!

"Impossible! The specific explosion center there is too close, and it is impossible for any creatures to survive! This, what are these two things!"

All the creatures in the building were stunned.

In their cognition, there is no creature that can resist nuclear bombs!

"Try it... Ask them some information and see if they will respond. Remember...Keep a safe distance!"

The headed creature recovered, staring at the light curtain in front, and commanded.


"Where did you... come from"

The front mecha spoke and asked Fang Yu.

His language is slightly different from the languages ​​Fang Yu has been exposed to in the past, but he can basically understand him.

"Can communicate That would be great." Fang Yu looked at the mecha in front of him, smiled and said, "We come from another world, Yunyu Continent, or Yunyu Realm, have you heard of it"

"YunMete Continent"

The creatures in this mecha obviously don't know this place.

"Can you tell me what it is called Which ethnic group are you from" Fang Yu asked.

"You...wait!" the mecha responded.

At this time, he was contacting the headquarters, how to deal with Fang Yu's question in front of him.

At this time, the creatures in the headquarters were stunned.

They realized that the two creatures in front of them were very likely to be alien species!

With their current technology, they can indeed sail between the stars, and they can also land on some planets that are relatively close and the environment allows.

However, they have never come into contact with creatures from aliens!

Of course, they all believe in the existence of extraterrestrial creatures, but their technology has not yet reached that level and cannot support them to come into contact with alien creatures.

But now, there are two alien creatures whose appearance is completely different from them, who can survive the explosion of a super nuclear bomb!

In the headquarters, the headed creature came back to his senses, and his expression became agitated.

This is an extremely important discovery!

You must take these two appearance creatures back and study them carefully!

"Answer their questions, find a way to invite them back... don't scare them away!" the creature commanded.


"This is Pingxing. We belong to the Beizhou system and are undergoing a super nuclear bomb test explosion." The mecha said.

"Super nuclear bomb"

Fang Yu's face has no strange color.

Isn't this a nuclear bomb

"That's different. This nuclear bomb is really driven by nuclear power, and nuclear power... is one of the seven elemental powers." Li Huoyu said, "It seems that you have come to practice with nuclear power. The realm of it."

"Cultivation with nuclear power Isn't this a technology" Fang Yu raised his eyebrows, "Seeing that they have no traces of cultivation."

"What you see is only the situation of this star. The creatures here have a very shallow understanding of nuclear power." Li Huoyu said, "In other high-level stars~www.novelhall.com ~There must be a large number of monks who practice with nuclear power."

"Nuclear power... it sounds a bit more powerful than spiritual energy." Fang Yu said.

"Seven yuan strengths have their own advantages, and it is impossible to say who is strong and who is weak. Moreover, the real strength is not based on the cultivation of the strength, but the level of cultivation." Li Huoyu said.

"Super nuclear bomb..." Fang Yu looked at the group of mechas in front of him, his eyes moved slightly, "The level of science and technology here is much better than the original earth, at least there is no such mecha on the earth."

"But there is a realm of cultivating immortals on the earth, with monks, from this level, the level of the earth is far higher than this little star, and it is an insult to compare it." Li Huoyu said grimly.

"It seems unreasonable to say that, the earth is in the lowest plane, this star is in the big plane... how come the level is not as good as the earth" Fang Yu raised his eyebrows.

"This involves..." Li Huoyu suddenly shut up.

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