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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3108: Xinghai family

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A man wearing a mink-like coat, with a dark purple skin, and a fierce expression sitting on the throne.

He is the master of Dark Star, the Great Dark Demon King!

Seeing Keno and his party coming, he immediately got up and walked down from the throne.

"I have seen Her Royal Highness."

"The Great Dark Demon King, these two are Venerable Fang Yu and Venerable Han Miaoyi. I believe you already know the purpose of their coming here." Keno didn't tell the Great Dark Demon King any other things, but directly introduced them. The topic.

She knew that the protagonist of this meeting was Fang Yu, and time was tight.

"Well, I know, please sit down." The Great Dark Demon King glanced at Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi, waved slightly, turned and walked back to the throne.

Obviously, his attitude towards Fang Yu and Han Miaoyi was not so enthusiastic.

Fang Yu squinted slightly.

He didn't care about the attitude of the Great Dark Demon King.

It just... feels a little strange.

"Great Dark Demon King, I want to know the specific circumstances of your besieging Lin Daochen back then." Fang Yu said.

"The situation of besieging Lin Daochen back then I don't remember that clearly, and there are only some vague memories. And the basic information should have been recorded in the file." The Great Dark Demon King sat on the throne again, with his legs raised. , Replied.

Seeing the attitude of the Great Dark Demon King, Princess Keno in the palace frowned slightly.

She also felt the frivolous attitude of the Great Dark Demon King.

"I have read the record you mentioned. I came to you just to get more accurate information." Fang Yu was not in a hurry, smiling, "Great Dark Demon King, please carefully recall what it was in the beginning. Condition."

"Okay..." A look of impatience flashed across the face of the Great Dark Demon King, "Then I will tell you a little bit. At that time, Lin Daochen was already severely injured under our siege, and we almost cut him directly. Kill, but he displayed a fairy technique before he died, and he just disappeared in front of us, and there was no more news after that."

"But I think... he won't survive even if he escapes."

Speaking of this, the Great Dark Demon King sneered, and said, "He died well enough. With the crimes he committed, ten deaths are not enough."

"Demon King..." Jinuo Dai frowned and wanted to speak.

"What you said is still not detailed enough. How did you find him in Dark Star and what was he doing at the time" At this time, Fang Yu still smiled and asked again.

"I said, I can't remember the specific situation anymore." The Great Dark Demon King glanced at Fang Yu and said lazily.

"Demon King, Emperor Father should have told you what to do!" Jinuo couldn't help it anymore and reminded him in a cold tone.

In this tone, there is actually a warning.

In the face of these demon kings, her aura as a descendant of the ancient demon emperor's line was revealed, full of aura.

"...For the specific situation, you can ask the victim. Lin Daochen, the villain, had destroyed one and a half of the big clan in Dark Star, and the big clan was completely destroyed during the round. The Xinghai clan was a little lucky, and we arrived in time. Just leave almost half of the members of their clan." The Great Dark Demon King looked at Fang Yu and said, "If you want to ask about the specifics, then you can go to Xinghai Clan to find out. Anyway, I don't know so much."

"By the way, your majesty said you are Lin Daochen's younger brother"

"Yeah, what's the matter" Fang Yu asked.

"Then you come to the Xinghai clan, you'd better be careful, they won't be so polite to you like me." The corner of the big dark demon king's mouth raised slightly and sneered.

"Then you don't need to worry about the Demon King. Find someone to take me to the Xinghai Clan." Fang Yu said.

"Okay, Xin Jiu, go and lead this Venerable Fang, take care of it by the way, and soothe the emotions of the Xinghai clan." The Dark Demon King smiled.

As soon as the voice fell, a monk walked out of the side hall.

It was one of the monks who led the way before.

"Venerable Fang, I will take you to the Xinghai family." Xin Jiu clasped his fist.


After speaking, Fang Yu turned around and followed Xin Jiu to leave without saying hello to the Great Dark Demon King.

Seeing Fang Yu and his party leaving behind, a faint green light flashed in the eyes of the Great Dark Demon King, and the corners of his mouth curled up, revealing an icy smile of unknown meaning.

"This Demon King is so annoying. If it weren't for being afraid of your master scolding me, I would have knocked out his teeth just now!"

After leaving the palace, UU read www. uukanshu.com Han Miaoyi said angrily, not caring about the Xinjiu leading the way.

Fang Yu smiled and didn't say much.

But he did feel strange.

Since the Ancient Demon King has specifically ordered the Great Dark Demon King to cooperate with Fang Yu's investigation, why is the Great Dark Demon King still in such an uncooperative attitude

Isn't the Great Dark Demon King afraid of the Ancient Demon King

Or... Is this what the ancient demon emperor meant

But if it was the meaning of the ancient demon emperor, what's the point of doing this

"Sorry, Venerable Fang, the attitude of the Great Dark Demon King is indeed a bit bad... but I think this may be due to Lin Daochen's previous attacks on his clans, and Lin Daochen managed to escape in front of him... "

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