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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3121: 1 sword through the heart

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But its blade was completely condensed by the glowing magic energy, and there were ancient runes flickering on it.

Holding this sword, the aura of the Great Dark Demon King became even stronger.

"Boom boom boom..."

Bursts of blue aura radiated from his body, and the aura shook the sky!

"Fang Yu, as long as you beheaded, I can get a generous reward again. I was still looking for an opportunity, but you sent it to the door by yourself. It is really God who helped me...hahaha..." Great Dark Demon King Laugh out loud again.

At this moment, his breath is quite strong.

Whether he has surpassed the heavenly realm and reached the mixed source realm... Fang Yu couldn't be sure.

But what is certain is that the Great Dark Demon King with this kind of breath now wants to kill an ordinary heavenly realm like the Beizhe Demon King... it should be easy.

Of course, Fang Yu knew very well that all the aura of the Great Dark Demon King was based on the blue aura of the holy courtyard.

Including the long sword in his hand, it was also condensed by the blue energy.

"Fang Yu, die for me!"

Fang Yu was still observing the Great Dark Demon King, but the Great Dark Demon King had already slashed!


The cyan light sword aura fell in the air like a Changhong!

Fang Yu lifted his right palm, a **** glow flashed.

The white jade sword appeared in his palm.

Fang Yu raised the white jade sword and lay it horizontally in front of him.


The sword energy in the sky fell, slashing on the white jade divine sword, and a loud noise erupted.

Fang Yu's entire right arm was shaken.

But that's all.

"call out!"

At this time, the Great Dark Demon King took the initiative to rush towards Fang Yu.

"It's just right." Fang Yu smiled coldly.


Before the Great Dark Demon King rushed in front of him, the green sword in his hand had already been cut out again.

Fang Yu gripped the white jade sword and blessed Lihuo inward.


The flame burned.

And this time, a pink color appeared faintly in the flame.

It is the color of that part of the Chaos Sacred Fire that was refined before!

This is Fang Yu's first use in actual combat!

He wanted to see how strong the current Chaos Divine Fire was!


Fang Yu raised the White Jade Divine Sword, blocking the ferocious cut of the Great Dark Demon King.

The blade of the green sword was blocked by the burning blade of the white jade divine sword.

The blades are fighting each other.

And the powers of Fang Yu and the Great Dark Demon King are also fighting against each other!


The flame above the blade of the White Jade Divine Sword has already drawn above the blade of the Green Sword at this moment!

Seeing this scene, the Great Dark Demon King's expression changed, he immediately raised his green sword, and at the same time, his left palm patted Fang Yu's abdomen!

Fang Yu raised his right knee and collided with the palm of the Great Dark Demon King.


The terrifying power blasted away the magic energy condensed in the palm of the Great Dark Demon King.

At the same time, the entire left palm was shattered.

"call out!"

At this moment, the white jade divine sword in Fang Yu's hand did not stop, and the tip of the sword pierced the chest of the Great Dark Demon King.

The Great Dark Demon King's heart shook, and the light on his chest flickered, suddenly bursting out a blue light!

The power of this blue light is quite terrifying.

Fang Yu could feel the impact.

However, his movements did not stop there, and the white jade sword in his hand was still piercing forward!



The blue light blasted Zhong Fang Yu.

But at the same time, Fang Yu's white jade sword also pierced the chest of the Great Dark Demon King!

The penetration is not deep, only less than half an inch!


However, the original core of the Great Dark Demon King was still pierced by the fierce sword tip!

The flame on the blade also ignited the body of the Great Dark Demon King.

One sword through the heart!

At this time, Fang Yu was blown out by the blue light.

"Boom boom boom..."

Fang Yu smashed into the ground, and Lianren took the land and was blasted out of a huge gully.


At this moment, Han Miaoyi, who was still clearing his subordinates in the distance, turned his head and just saw this scene and couldn't help but applaud!

She had already cleaned up all the people around her, and only less than one-fifth of the original was left.

As long as the Great Dark Demon King keeps on, she will win the game!

Therefore, seeing Fang Yu plunge into the ground, Han Miaoyi was even more excited than the Great Dark Demon King!


At the same time, she did not forget what she had to do, and pursued the last part, the monk of the Great Dark Legion who was fleeing frantically.

"Die all to me..."

Han Miaoyi opened his arms and released a monstrous magic power, sweeping the monks in front of him like a huge wave.

"Boom boom boom..."

The cultivators only had time to scream, their bodies shattered one after another, completely dead.

Han Miaoyi turned his head and looked at the position of the Great Dark Demon King.

The Great Dark Demon King was still standing in the air, obviously not yet dead.

"I won!!" Han Miaoyi was extremely excited.



At this time ~www.novelhall.com~ Fang Yu had stood up from the ground.

The intensity of that cyan light magic energy is indeed quite good.

He still felt the pain.

"It's time to end."

Fang Yu flew out from the ground and came to the front of the Great Dark Demon King.

At this moment, the eyes of the Great Dark Demon King were wide open, and his body was constantly twitching and screaming constantly.

Above his chest, a flame glowing with pale pink light could be seen, burning blazingly.

It spread from the wound on his chest until it ignited all the meridians in his body!

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