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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3164: Admire you

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"After taking the Demon Emperor's Order, Fang Yu can handle it at will."

Taishi Yuan looked at the prince Xianliu and did not speak.

Because he knew that Prince Xianliu already had a specific plan.

He didn't need to ask again.


In the mansion of Princess Luchen.

Fang Yu flipped through dozens of magical secrets, and didn't have much to gain.

To be honest, these cheats are not much different from the cheats he has contacted before.

The basic tactics and tactics are the same, and the ways to operate the body's fa energies are also the same.

But this is also a foreseeable situation.

After all, the cultivation system in the demon world is no different from the previous cognition.

"There is no nutrition, the ranks of these spells are very ordinary..." Fang Yu reached the sixth floor, closed the secret book in his hand, and sat down.

As soon as he sat down, he looked up again.

He suddenly realized that he was already on the top floor of this attic.

However, the ceiling released an unusual breath, which looked like it was hollowed out.

"Is there a hidden layer"

Fang Yu's eyes moved slightly.

There was a flash of golden light in his pupils.

The ceiling above the head was immediately seen through.

Sure enough, there is another layer!

Fang Yu stood up, his figure flashed, and he rose up into the sky.

He turned his body directly, passed through the barrier of this ceiling, and entered this hidden layer.

Seeing the objects in front of him, Fang Yu's eyes became awe-inspiring.

On the table in front of him, there are two large leaves.

The leaves glowed with a faint blue light, exuding bursts of blue aura.

Fang Yu didn't need to observe carefully to know this blue energy... it came from the holy courtyard!

And behind the table, there is a small box.

The surface of this box showed a dark color, like it was cast from a certain kind of stone, and the hardness was extremely high at first glance.

And the whole box has no opening.

Fang Yu stepped forward and reached out to touch the box.


A bright light flashed on the surface of the box!

The light passed, Fang Yu felt a burning tingling sensation in his palm.

And this pain is very clear.

Fang Yu took his hand away, staring at the stone box, frowning slightly.


In the next second, his pupils glowed with golden light!

The mark of the avenue appeared in his pupils, slowly turning.

At this time, he discovered that this item that looked like a box was originally a magic weapon!

The stone on the surface contains a large number of complex rules and structures.

Inside, there is a round magic stone the size of a fist.

It can be seen that this magic stone contains monstrous magic energy.

And this method can give Fang Yu the feeling... it's a polymer of endless blue energy!

"This shape...looks a lot like the so-called primordial core cultivated by their monster race." Fang Yu said in his heart, "but the primordial core should be in their cultivator's body, how can it be stored in a box" 78中文網

"Could it be... the original core in this box is to prepare for a certain time in the future and directly change it into my own body"

"Can you still operate like this"

Fang Yu was surprised.

You know, the so-called origin core of the monster monks is actually the same thing as the dantian, golden core, primordial soul that they cultivated along the way with their human monks, and the Daoyuan behind... are the same things.

It can be said that this is all about a monk, as important as the heart of a mortal, and even more important.

How can such a thing be replaced directly!

But... if it is not for your own use, what is the significance of the existence of the magic stone in the stone box in front of you

Fang Yu frowned and thought for a while.

However, to no avail.

After thinking about it, he picked up the stone box again.

Even in his hands, the stone box is heavy.


The stone box glowed, and the burning sensation continued to increase. 166

"Swish swish..."

Fang Yu's thoughts moved, releasing a sense of extreme cold, and completely enveloped the entire stone box.

This time, the burning sensation disappeared.

The light of the stone box itself also became dim.

"No matter what it is used for, take it back and study it. I will also take these two leaves. I want to see how much benefit the holy courtyard has given these members of the ancient demon royal family, so that they can choose to take refuge. "Fang Yu also received the two large leaves on the table into the storage space.

After doing all this, there will be no other valuable items in this hidden floor.

So Fang Yu left the attic.

Lu Chen did not come back.

"Does she know she would be exposed, and hide like Nan Yuan" Fang Yu thought to herself~www.novelhall.com~ If this is the case, it would be pointless to continue to wait here, just a waste of time.

"If they all hide... what are we going to do next" Fang Yu frowned, lost in thought, "I have to find a way to force them out..."


While Fang Yu was still thinking, there was a mark in his heart.

"Special Envoy Fang... Brother Xianliu just sent an invitation and wants to meet you."

The voice that came through the mark was that of the princess Keno.

"Your brother, who is also a prince" Fang Yu asked with his eyes moved slightly.

"Well, my brother said... he appreciates your recent work." Keno said hesitantly.

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