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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3406: Suppress the audience

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Fang Yu's voice awakened this group of prince princesses, who were so shocked that they couldn't be more surprised.

They all stepped back, their faces pale, and there was a look of fear in their eyes.

What happened just now!

Empress Xiaoyue was not dead, and Fang Yu launched a surprise attack, but was killed by a single blow!

Everything happened so fast that most of them hadn't reacted yet, and Empress Xiaoyue was already dead!

All this is just like dreaming, not real at all!

"It seems that you don't even need to use the Royal Beast Order to deal with these ancient monster royal families." Fang Yu squinted slightly and said in his heart.

At this moment, many prince princesses all cast their sights on the Qiuqi princess and the prince Junyang standing in the forefront.

Now, their hearts have been panicked to the extreme, and they can only be led by these two outstanding people.

However, they don't know... Princess Qiuqi and Prince Junyang are equally six gods at the moment.

Especially the prince Junyang, his face was pale, his body was shaking violently, and he was obviously panicked to the extreme.

He cannot accept reality!

Originally, he really didn't believe Fang Yu's words.

So he contacted his subordinates and ordered them to go to the Ancient Demon Palace to investigate the situation.

And just now, the subordinates sent back news.

The area where the Ancient Demon Palace is...has become pitch black, and the entire space is shattered.

This news... directly shattered the mood of Prince Junyang.

He saw the confident smile on Fang Yu's face, coupled with the terrifying power that he showed just now...

If the ancient demon emperor hadn't died, how could he not stop Fang Yu from spreading such a rumor!

Although Prince Junyang was unwilling to accept it in his heart, he knew that the ancient monster emperor... was really likely to have something wrong.

But when the Ancient Demon Emperor died, many things lost their meaning.

In order to inherit the position of the Demon King, he has made every effort and has always tried his best to perform well!

The Ancient Demon Emperor is dead, and his past efforts are in vain!

What will the ancient monster galaxy be like in the future

Fang Yu is so arrogant and domineering, do their royal families still have a foothold

Surely there won't be!

As a result, Jun Yang was short of breath at this moment, and even a little unstable to stand.

The princess Qiu Qi on the side also knew about the collapse of the entire space where the Ancient Demon Palace was located.

It can make the entire space shatter... A terrible battle must have occurred during this period.

In fact, Qiu Qi had already believed Fang Yu's words.

Her father... is already dead!

She was not particularly sad.

For her, the most important thing now is... to figure out what Fang Yu is going to do next, and how she should stand in line.

This is the most important thing.

As for the panic and fear like Jun Yang, she felt unnecessary.

With Fang Yu's strength, I really want them to die, I'm afraid I would have done it long ago.

The reason why I haven't done anything until now is that I don't want to kill them, but have other requirements.

That being the case, why should we be afraid

Thinking of this, Qiu Qi raised her head and looked at Fang Yu.

Afterwards, he knelt on his knees.

Her actions shocked the hearts of the prince princess who had been following her silently, and their faces changed!

This group of princes and princesses thought they would either run or rush up together...

Never thought that Qiu Qi's choice turned out to be... to kneel!

As a leader of the bloodline of the ancient monster royal family, he actually kneeled toward a human monk!

Does she really disregard the dignity of the ancient monster race!

If the Ancient Demon Emperor knew about this, she would definitely punish her heavily!

Junyang turned his head to look at Qiu Qi who was kneeling down, and was taken aback.

Afterwards, he gritted his teeth, his face was full of struggle!

However, when he saw Qiu Qi's expressionless face, he made up his mind.


Jun Yang... also knelt down!

At this time, the two cores have knelt down!

Seeing this scene, the princes and princesses behind were suddenly shocked.

They didn't expect that the two cores, Qiuqi and Junyang... would choose to kneel directly!

Is this to surrender to Fang Yu!

But no matter what I thought, after seeing these two kneelings, many princes and princesses also knelt down.

One by one, one by one.

In the end, the so-called main bloodline members of this group of ancient monster royal family... all knelt down!

Kneel down towards Fang Yu!

Seeing their reaction, Fang Yu frowned slightly on the high platform.

His eyes were locked on Qiu Qi.

He knew that if it hadn't been for this Qiu Qi to take the lead, these prince princesses would not kneel down so quickly, and would even make a lot of meaningless behaviors.

It seemed that Qiu Qi had a pretty good head among the ancient monster royal family.

At least, he won't look for death.

"Well, if you can take the initiative to surrender, that would be great. I have another news to tell you." Fang Yu said lightly, "Apart from the ancient demon emperor, the Lich emperor, the Blood Demon emperor, the Illusory Demon Emperor... also Are dead."

This remark shocked the audience again.

You know, according to Fang Yu's words, then... the four emperors of the demon world have all died!

In other words, today's demon world... no more demon king!

Is this true

The four emperors are all dead... Such a thing is really hard to even think about!

"The three emperors were still victimized by the ancient demon emperor."-

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