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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3428: not my business

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Except that the pupil of the eye is the same as the pupil of the left eye, there is nothing in common!

The left face is covered with green fluff, and even the mouth begins to demarcate from the middle.

The right side is a normal mouth, and the position on the left that was previously hidden by the mask reveals sharp fangs, which looks like some kind of beast.

"It's another disgusting guy." Han Miaoyi frowned and thought.

After taking off the mask, Nan Litian's temperament became extremely different from before.

If Nan Litian felt normal before, he was like a normal powerhouse.

So now, Nan Litian is more like some kind of monster, or fierce spirit.

The left face with green fluff is uncomfortable.

"What the **** are you" Han Miaoyi asked.

Nan Litian pressed his left face, grinned and sneered, and said: "No one who saw my true face...can survive."

The reason why his left cheek became like this was because he had merged a bloodline that shouldn't have merged.

It was not a monster, and it could not even be called a monk, but a fierce spirit... that was never seen before.

The fierce spirit looked like a leopard, but the whole body was covered with green hair, which was very peculiar.

It took Nan Litian some experience to kill this fierce spirit.

At that time, he refused to reject all kinds of blood, so he incorporated the blood of this fierce spirit into himself.

Then, his left face changed and became what it is now.

Of course he can use Xianli to disguise a flawless appearance, but he doesn't want to do that, instead he chooses to wear a mask and usually only reveal his right face.

But today, his mask was broken and he was forced to show his unsightly left face.

"What does it have to do with me if they survive" Han Miaoyi said coldly.


As soon as the voice fell, her figure rushed out again, quickly approaching Nan Litian.

"Since this half of the face is exposed, I should also use its power." Nan Luntian smiled coldly.

"call out!"

At this moment, his speed is as fast as lightning.

Compared to his previous actions, he is now much more agile.

Nan Litian flashed aside, his palms merged in front of him.


Behind him, the imprint of Qianhuan Wheel appeared again.

Han Miaoyi's spiritual consciousness captured the appearance of this imprint.

With the experience of the last time, she directly took back the divine consciousness, and did not release it outside.

At the same time, I closed my eyes!

For the illusion to take effect, it must be infiltrated through vision or divine consciousness.

If these two paths are cut off, then... illusion becomes trivial.

However, closing your eyes and taking back the consciousness... is equivalent to becoming a real blind man.

Especially for Han Miaoyi's combat characteristics that rely on physical skills and melee combat to gain an advantage, the negative impact brought about by this is even greater.

"Hahaha...Are you sure you want to fight me in this way Then I will play with you." Nan Litian saw Han Miaoyi's reaction and laughed to the sky.

"call out!"

But the next second, he only felt a cold wind hitting behind him.


Han Miaoyi's fist was hitting his back.

The silver armor covering him was directly blasted to pieces by Han Miaoyi's punch!

Although 30% of the power was returned, 70% of the power has nowhere to be transferred, and all can only be endured!


Nan Litian snorted, only feeling that the bones of his back were shattered, and his body was almost pierced.

And he still can't dodge and leave!

Because at this moment, Han Miaoyi has stretched out his hand to grab his head and twisted his body around.


Han Miaoyi suddenly raised his knees and slammed into Nan Lutian's abdomen.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Not just one click, but four times in succession!

Every time, Nan Litian snorted fiercely and vomited blood.

Nan Litian's chest was almost knocked out of a blood hole by Han Miaoyi's knee.


Nan Litian roared, the fierce light in his pupils flickered, and the immortal power on his body was suddenly released.

However, once Han Miaoyi got close, how could he give Nan Tutian a chance to counterattack easily!


She pressed Nan Litian's head and forced it down!


Nan Litian's neck bone was instantly shattered, and the entire head could only be suppressed.

Then, I was hit by Han Miaoyi's raised knee!


With a loud bang, Nan Litian's head was directly squashed!

Han Miaoyi learned this series of movements from Fang Yu!

As for the entire movement, Han Miaoyi closed his eyes and completed it without releasing a trace of spiritual consciousness!

She relied on Nan Litian's breath to lock Nan Litian's position.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Han Miaoyi grabbed Nan Litian with one hand, while the other hand and feet were brutal blows!

In the midst of a loud explosion, the silver methyl on Nan Litian's body completely fell off.

And his body was unable to support his body due to the broken bones inside, like a puddle of mud.

Han Miaoyi raised his right hand, and the Heavenly Dao Sword immediately flew from behind.

She held the Heavenly Dao Sword and pierced towards Nan Litian's body abruptly.


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