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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 3653: 10 pairs of respect

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"You even know this" Fang Yu asked curiously.

"When I go to do business in each area, I always do a very in-depth investigation of the big forces in that place." Ling Bufan looked at Ning Ruxing in the distance, showed a playful smile, and said, "Then, I will I found that Fu Huangning, who sounds like a star, is actually a paper tiger, and his actual combat performance is extremely lax."

"Of course, I can't blame him. It may be because of the direction of his major. No matter how strong Fu Xiu is, it will be like that."

"But he likes to brag too much, and he just advertises his strength as if he can cross the border to challenge the strong... I can't stand this."

Hearing these words, Fang Yu also looked at Ning Ruxing in the distance.

Thinking back to the disciple of Emperor Fu who I met at the beginning, it is true that every teacher must have his apprentice.

At least in terms of personality, that Fuhuang disciple was really just like the Fuhuang in Ling Bufan's mouth, with eyes higher than the top, strong outside and strong in the middle.

Just when Fang Yu and Ling Bufan were looking at Ning Ruxing in the distance, he seemed to sense his gaze and turned his head.

Seeing Ling Bufan, he showed a faint smile and walked forward with his subordinates.

"Grass, he saw me." Ling Bufan scolded.

But on the surface, there was a smile.

Ning Ruxing quickly walked to the front and said in a strong voice, "Patriarch Ling, I haven't seen you for a long time."

"Ning Huang is also here today, it really makes this place full of brilliance." Ling Bufan said.

"Haha... There is no need to brag about the Ling family. In the Nine Heavens Immortal Mansion, I am nothing." Ning Ruxing smiled, looked at Fang Yu, and asked, "This is..."

"This is my good friend, Han Daoyu." Ling Bufan introduced.

This name was obviously unfamiliar to Ning Ruxing, he just nodded lightly, looked at Ling Bufan again, and asked, "Patriarch Ling, in the past five years, the profits from Ling's auction house have been decreasing year by year. Why I think Ling's Auction House has been developing better and better in my territory in recent years."

Hearing this, the smile on Ling Bufan's face disappeared, and he said, "What does Emperor Ning mean Do you think our Ling's auction house is cheating in terms of profits"

"Of course I don't think so. I trust Ling's auction house just like I trust you, Patriarch Ling." Ning Ruxing smiled, "I just think this phenomenon is strange."

"Business has not been good in recent years, Ning Huang." Ling Bufan sighed and said, "Don't I want to make more money"

"Actually, I mainly want to make a request to you, that is, to give us a copy of the specific income of Ling's auction house every year, so that we can analyze it, what is the problem..." Ning Ruxing said.

As soon as these words came out, Ling Bufan's face became ugly, and he interrupted: "Ning Huang, I told you this when we first talked about cooperation, our Ling's auction house is independently operated, absolutely not The specific situation that may provide you with these benefits involves the core of our entire family..."

"If that's the case, Patriarch Ling... Then after I go back, I might consider excluding you Ling's auction house." Ning Ruxing was not angry, but her smile became brighter, "We are going to open it in our own name. An auction house."

Ling Bufan's face was originally ugly, but when he heard this, he suddenly smiled again and said, "So...it seems that Emperor Ning has lost trust in our Ling's auction house. In this case, I will not force it, if you wish We close the auction house, then we close and dont work together anymore.”

"Okay, after the summit event is over... I will handle the matter myself." Ning Ruxing squinted when she saw Ling Bufan was not angry, she turned around and walked away.

The company's main chain is the largest and most powerful chain in China/

Ling Bufan looked at Ning Ruxing's back with cold eyes.

"This **** really doesn't die, and wants to get our supply channels." Ling Bufan said coldly, "But that is the core advantage of our Ling's auction house, how could it be provided to him"

"Actually, I'm curious. What profit are you talking about Is it money" Fang Yu asked with narrowed eyes, "A monk at this level still lacks money"

"The hard currency here in Nanhuang is not some kind of currency, but nuclear power spar." Ling Bufan said, "This kind of thing may really not have much effect on Xuanxian or even Tianxian. But the cultivation base is lower. The cultivator, holding these nuclear power source stones will have a great effect."

"They can be used to buy all kinds of magic tools, medicinal pills, secret manuals... they can also be used for cultivation."

"In fact, simply put, the logic is the same. Emperor Ning wants the nuclear power spar in order to cultivate more loyal subjects. Any top power wants to get the nuclear power spar for this, not for this. Use it yourself."

"Nuclear power spar... I actually have a lot in my hand." Fang Yu said, "I brought it from the demon world, but it is called the nuclear power source stone."

Saying that, Fang Yu opened his right hand, and a nuclear Originium appeared in his hand.

"Oh Your nuclear power source stone is similar to the nuclear power spar that we use here... basically the same." Ling Bufan raised his eyebrows and said, "Brother Daoyu, how many such nuclear power source stones do you have in your hands "

"A lot, like a trillion" Fang Yu said.

"One trillion!" Ling Bufan's eyes widened, with a look of shock on his face, and asked, "Where did you get it This, this is more than double my net worth."

"How much It was given to me by a friend in the demon world." Fang Yu said, "Her family controlled a quarter of the demon world before, so it's not surprising that there are so many resource reserves."

Ling Bufan nodded slowly and smiled bitterly: "As expected of Brother Daoyu, if you make a move, you will be worth trillions of dollars. My brother, I've been working hard in the wild world for so many years, and I'm not as good as you."

"This is..." Fang Yu was about to speak.


But at this moment, there was an unusual noise from the rear~www.novelhall.com~ Fang Yu and Ling Bufan turned their heads and saw that a jet of water shot out from the center of Tianxin Lake.

The water column shot into the sky, with a height of about 200 meters.

Above the water column, the figure of a monk appeared.

The monk was wearing a pale white robe, and his face was young and elegant.

At this time, the surrounding noise disappeared immediately, and the surroundings became quiet.

All the guests knew that the monk in front of him must be a member of the Nine Heavens Immortal Mansion.

When the sponsor of the summit conference appeared, they naturally had to give full respect.

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