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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 389: Really?

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The sword in Honda's hand is extremely sharp, and the icy silver light suddenly appears.

In the middle of the blade, two characters are engraved.

Yuan Dao.

Yuan Dao sword is one of the ten famous swords of Wan Jianzong four thousand years ago.

As a first-class sect, Wan Jianzong has an extremely profound background. In terms of casting magic weapons, it was the well-deserved number one in the world of immortality at that time.

Many great abilities spend a lot of money to let Wan Jianzong cast their exclusive magic weapons.

In this process, ten famous swords appeared.

Among the ten famous swords, with the exception of the sword that ranks first, the other nine swords are not ranked.

And Yuan Dao Sword is in it.

The first master of the Yuan Dao Sword was a great power in the integration period. Later, for some reasons, the Yuan Dao Sword finally returned to the God Armory of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, and there was no news of the world after that.

Fang Yu didn't expect that such a magic weapon would appear in the hands of an Eastern Japanese in thousands of years.

The word "Yuan Dao" is engraved on the blade of the Yuan Dao sword, but the place that highlights its characteristics is located on the hilt.

The hilt of the Yuan Dao sword is made of exquisite pearl stone, glowing with a strange light.

Perlite is an extremely rare material, and its hardness and tolerance are far superior to other refined materials.

Only Wan Jianzong mastered the channels of pearl stones and used pearl stones to forge many magic weapons, which also made the magic weapons produced by Wan Jianzong a unique existence in the world.

Because other people can't get the pearl stone, naturally they can't imitate it.

Fang Yu looked at the Yuan Dao Sword in Honda's hand with surprise in his eyes.

Honda grasped the crystal clear hilt made of pearl stone and pointed it straight at Fang Yu's face.


A crisp sword sound resounded throughout the room, making the people present agitated.

"Where did you get this sword" Fang Yu asked.

Honda didn't intend to communicate with Fang Yu, grabbing the Yuan Dao Sword and slashing forward!

The blade slashed through the air, as if the void was torn apart, and a sound burst!

At the same time, fierce sword energy burst out from it, slashing Fang Yu straight!

Fang Yu turned sideways lightly, avoiding this sword aura.

Sword Qi struck the wall behind Fang Yu, and the wall made of wood was instantly penetrated.

The second floor, which had just quieted down, suddenly became a wave.

The guests in each room walked out of the room again and looked at the room where the sound was coming from.

"I am Honda Yuji! The great master of kendo, today I will avenge my friends, and you must behead your head!" Honda Yuji let out a low growl in Japanese, then leaned forward with his sword in both hands, stepped on his feet, and rushed towards Fang Yu.

Fang Yu's face didn't change, and a wave of air suddenly burst out of his body, shaking Ye Shengxue standing behind him for a certain distance.

In the next second, Honda Yuji rushed in front of Fang Yu, waved the Yuan Dao sword in his hand, and slashed towards Fang Yu.

There was a burst of cheers in the room.

Those who had dinner with Yuji Honda were members of the Tohnichi Chamber of Commerce, and they had all heard of the fame of Yuji Honda, the master of kendo.

Master of Kendo! In Tohnichi, no more than ten people.

It's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the swordsmanship of the great master of kendo with your own eyes!

"Mr. Honda, blow this kid down!"

"Cut off his head and avenge Chairman Kimura!"

"Kill this kid..."

Several people in the room all shouted in Japanese, their eyes jokingly and excited.

They are like watching a good show, and they have never considered winning or losing.

Fang Yu doesn't even have a weapon in his hand, how could it be Honda Yuji's opponent

The only thing to watch is how Honda Yuji slaughtered Fang Yu!

"Shoo, hoo, hoo..."

Every time Honda Yuji waved the blade, the blade would inevitably bring up a sword aura and blast towards Fang Yu at the same time.

But Fang Yu perfectly evaded it.

After more than a dozen swords were taken, even the walls on both sides of the door collapsed, but Fang Yu's hair was not injured.

For Honda Yuji, this is the first time this happened in Kim's twenty years.

Fang Yu is so quick that he doesn't look like a human!

But Yuji Honda was mentally prepared early.

As a true friend of Kimura, he knows Kimura's true strength very well.

It can be said that in East Japan, Kimura's true kendo strength is second only to ten kendo masters.

Fang Yu can kill Kimura Zhen, so his strength should not be underestimated!

Moreover, if this kind of enemy can be killed easily, Honda Yuji finds it boring!

After Honda Yuji made twenty consecutive swords, his figure suddenly retreated back and stopped the offensive.

Those members of the East Japan Chamber of Commerce who had drunk a lot of wine and flushed their faces, their expressions changed a little when Fang Yu was safe.

The other guests on the second floor were already stunned.

In their field of vision, they only saw Honda Yuji's crazy swords. The speed of each sword was too fast to see the position of the blade, and only the afterimage was visible!

At this rate, most people have long been cut into countless pieces of meat!

But Fang Yu was unscathed!

how did you do that

When everyone looked at Fang Yu, their eyes were about to fall off.

And Ye Shengxue, who was pushed a few meters away by Fang Yu, stared at Fang Yu's back blankly at this time, and was a bit firmer in the conclusion that Fang Yu was the owner of the dragon bloodline.

Fang Yu's displayed strength was really shocking.

Perhaps this is what the owner of the Shenlong bloodline should have!

Fang Yu looked at Honda Yuji with a cold and solemn expression, and smiled, "Go on."

This sentence is undoubtedly a provocation.

Honda Yuji frowned and let out a low growl, clasping the hilt in both hands.


The entire body of the Yuan Dao sword glowed with a pale blue light!

"The Swordsmanship of the Water School of Anam! The Grand Master Honda is really moving!" The members of the East Japan Chamber of Commerce in the rear stood up excitedly.

Honda Yuji clenched and rushed towards Fang Yu again!

This time, his speed was even faster.

He just rushed like this, and everyone present could feel an extremely fierce momentum coming!

At the same time, there is a horrible coldness in my heart!

It is as if there is an invisible hand, holding a sharp blade, resting on the neck!

Facing Honda Yuji who had come back again, Fang Yu's eyes were dazzling, and his left foot stepped back.

Honda You held Yuan Dao sword secondhand, and the first sword pierced Fang Yu's chest.

Fang Yu stepped to the left and avoided the blow.

But at this time, the hilt of Yuan Dao Sword glowed with light.

Then, there was a burst of exclamation around!

There were dozens of sword blades glowing with light blue light on all sides of Fang Yu's body!

These blades stab Fang Yu together!

In this case, Fang Yu is inevitable!

But in the blink of an eye.

Fang Yu suddenly disappeared in place.

Dozens of swords pierce the air at the same time!

Seeing this scene, not only the people around, but even Honda Yuji's face changed~www.novelhall.com~How is this possible!

This blow is one of his killer features, the whole process only takes two seconds! Moreover, the blade comes from all directions, no matter how fast it is, it will inevitably encounter one of the blades, and pay a heavy price!

But Fang Yu just disappeared in place!

None of the blades that surrounded him pierced Fang Yu!

This is beyond the understanding of Honda Yuji!

"Master Honda, be careful!"

While Yuji Honda was still in shock, the members of the Tohnichi Chamber of Commerce behind him suddenly shouted.

Honda Yuji was so excited, he recovered and turned around immediately.

Sure enough, Fang Yu was already standing behind him and stretched out his hand to him!

Damn it! Careless!

Honda Yuji's heart jumped!

With this position, it is quite difficult for him to avoid Fang Yu's blow!

The only way to respond is to attack!

At least let Fang Yu be in the hands of this round!

Thinking of this, Honda Yueri gritted his teeth, poured all his strength on his hands and stab Fang Yu's abdomen.


But the next second, Fang Yu disappeared in front of Honda Yuji again.

Honda Yuji didn't feel the pain, only felt a lightness in the waist, as if something had been taken away.

Then, Fang Yu's figure appeared in front of Honda Yuji again.

At this time, he was holding a scabbard in his hand.

It is the scabbard that Honda Yuji has been pinning around his waist, the scabbard of Yuandao sword!

"You have weapons but I don't have them. This is not fair." Fang Yu said with a faint smile on his face, "Next, I will use this scabbard to fight you."

Use the scabbard as a weapon!

Hearing Fang Yu's words, the expressions of everyone present changed.-

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