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The Strongest Qi Refiner v2 Chapter 4000: Accurate judgment

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Hearing these words, the evil sage's heart set off a storm.

He could hear the attention and deep fear in the other party's tone after mentioning Fang Yu.

You know, the other party represents the Holy Court!

In the eyes of the evil saint, the power of the Holy Court is quite mysterious, and it comes from a higher level than the wild world!

Even they need to be afraid of opponents, one can imagine how terrifying it is!

This opponent... is still a human cultivator!

Moreover, the evil sage actually fought against it at the beginning!

"This, this Han Daoyu... It's really the cultivator who played against me on Earth..."

At this time, the evil saint was speechless.

"From the information obtained so far, he is indeed born in the ancestor of the human race, but in terms of the strength he has shown... the ancestor of the human race can never be his true birthplace." The one representing the Holy Court The voice continued.

The evil saint only felt his head pounding.

If Fang Yu was really born on Earth, how did he become so powerful

Simply unimaginable!

Where is the earth

A small star in the lowest plane, although it is the ancestor of the human race, but with its barren appearance, the upper limit of the monks that can be cultivated is extremely low!

But Fang Yu in front of him is beating the Immortal King of the Great Plane!

"He is definitely not a normal human race cultivator, definitely not..." Evil Saint said.

There is no basis for what he said.

The most important thing is... He doesn't want to believe that a cultivator who came from the lowest level of stars can finally reach this height!

This fact will destroy his past dignity and his cognition about cultivation!

Therefore, he is more inclined to believe the second possibility stated by the Holy Court.

This Fang Yu... is the reincarnation of an ancient human race!

"Then the Holy Court... what are you going to do with him now" Evil Saint hesitated for a while and asked.

"We made a lot of mistakes in dealing with Fang Yu, a human cultivator, and we made mistakes in a row." The voice was extremely cold, "Therefore, after locking Fang Yu's place this time, our priority... ...is to obtain accurate information about the strength of his cultivation."

"We need to have a precise judgment on his strength before we can make the next move."

"The mistakes we made before will never be repeated. Facing Fang Yu, we will never lose any power in vain!"

When he said these words, the tone of that voice was already gnashing his teeth.

This emotional performance just shows how terrifying Fang Yu is!

Even the upper-level forces like the Holy Court are so jealous of him, so hateful... But he is still alive and well!

"Fang Yu..."

The evil sage stared at the battlefield in the distance, and his heart could not calm down.


"Hey, Jing Shi, if you have any other means, I suggest you use them quickly."

Fang Yu said while beating Jing Shi violently.

At this time, Jing Shi did not see much damage to his body, but his face reflected his pain at the moment.

The expression is distorted, and the seven orifices are losing immortal power!

"say something."

Fang Yu narrowed his eyes, stretched out his hand and pressed down on Jing Shi's head.

At the same time, raise your left knee.


With a loud bang, Jing Shi's face hit his knee directly, and a muffled sound erupted.

"Uh ah..."

Under such circumstances, Jing Shi let out a painful whimper.

His head and the body of Tianhuan are one body and will not collapse.

But the pain is there.

Fang Yu's power is simply too heaven-defying, and it cannot be blocked by one or two laws!

But even at this time, Jing Shi did not feel hopeless.

On the surface, it seemed that he was unable to fight back and fell into an absolute disadvantage.

But in fact, he is still in the charging stage.

Only he himself knows that Tianhuan is currently turning around~www.novelhall.com~ This is the strongest blow he can perform!

This blow may violate the rules of the law of the realm.

However, in the face of a strong man like Fang Yu, he had no other choice but to take a certain risk to perform this blow!

"The Exotic Land Reclamation of Vegetable Skeletons"

No one noticed that at this moment, the sky ring in the far sky was slowly changing.

The original sky ring was a horizontal plane, and it was an oval-shaped radiant ring when viewed from any angle.

And now, the Tianhuan is slowly lifting up, gradually forming a vertical shape!

This is what Jingshi is doing!

He is mobilizing the orbit of the sky ring far beyond the wild world!

Once Tianhuankou is aimed at Donghuang, he can launch an unprecedented onslaught!

At that time, no matter how powerful the body of Han Daoyu in front of him is, he will not be able to resist his blow!

Attack with a real sky ring!

"Don't talk, right Then continue."

Fang Yu pressed Jing Shi's head and slammed his knee a dozen times in a row.

Then, with another heavy punch, it slammed into his chest.


The sound of the explosion was mixed with the groan of Jing Shi's pain.

But he never spoke.

After Fang Yu continued to beat him for a while, he also felt that it was not the way to fight like this.

The current body of Jingshi is obviously not a body, but an aggregate similar to the law.

And such a body cannot be annihilated by brute force alone.

According to what Li Huoyu said before, his fists must be blessed with the power of the Dao to kill the world.

But the problem is that the power of the Dao cannot be used now.

"Don't attack, don't attack... I'm attacking now, completely contrary to what the crazy old man said." Fang Yu frowned slightly, thinking to himself.-

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