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The Strongest Qi Refiner Chapter 432: Chen Luos ending!

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When everyone in the distance saw this scene, their expressions changed.

The battle is over!

Fang Yu was hit head-on by such a huge energy beam, there is no possibility of surviving!

"Too reckless. Although this Fang Yu is very strong, he has no brains. The straight-forward fighting style is too easy to be caught by others." The man beside Han Qi commented.

"In any case, we are about to debut." Han Qi smiled.


The huge energy beam blasted above the ground, bursting out with a deafening roar!

The ground vibrates violently, no one can stand firm!

The blasted dust filled the sky, making it difficult to see what was happening!

Chen Luo stood in the air, looking at the smoke and dust below, with crazy eyes.

This is the power of the dead!

too strong!

There is a dead soul, and then collect Qi Sanling Rings in the future, he can really stand at the top of the martial arts world!

"Hahaha...I regard it as the honorable person!" Chen Luo Yangtian laughed.

But his laughter stopped abruptly soon.

"how is this possible!"

Chen Luo's face changed, his heart shook, and he looked down.

Fang Yu, who was full of golden light, rushed to a position about ten meters below his feet!

He could actually rush up with that energy beam!

how can that be!

Chen Luo was shocked, but reacted equally quickly, and immediately stretched out his right hand.

The earth spirit ring and water spirit ring on the right finger glowed.

The water in the air has condensed into ice and attached to Fang Yu's limbs.

At the same time, the soil on the ground flew upwards quickly, trying to entangle Fang Yu's hands and feet.

At the same time, Chen Luo thought, urging the undead to raise the axe in his right hand and hit Fang Yu again!

But Fang Yu's strength and speed were too strong.

Those ice couldn't stop Fang Yu for even a second!

In an instant, Fang Yu ascended to the front of the undead, and rushed toward the body of the undead.

The undead tried to block Fang Yu, but his movements were so heavy that he couldn't catch Fang Yu at all!

In the next second, Fang Yu penetrated the chest of the undead. Then, he turned his head again and passed through the head of the undead!

"Boom boom boom..."

There was a muffled sound, and the huge body of the undead was penetrated several times by Fang Yu! Battered!

The black mist that had just condensed into a solid body was broken again by Fang Yu!


Watching the undead being blasted to disperse, Chen Luo's heart thumped straight, pinching his hands.

But due to the flustered heart, his mind suddenly short-circuited when he was chanting tactics!

He read the wrong formula!

The magic spell repairing the body of the undead cannot be implemented!

At this time, Fang Yu returned to Chen Luo again.

Facing Fang Yu, Chen Luo no longer had the confidence he had before, and his face was full of horror!

Fang Yu looked at Chen Luo in front of him and raised his right fist blankly.

"Perhaps the magic magic power seems to be higher than the physical body alone, and I am also full of yearning for magic magic power..." Fang Yu said lightly, "but in a real battle, winning is the last word. The way is not important."

"I can punch you, why bother to use all kinds of spells"

Fang Yu's mouth curled up slightly, and his fist slammed out of Chen Luo's chest!

Chen Luo's face changed drastically, and once again forcibly activated the Necro Mask, summoning all the power of the Necro Mask remaining!

A large black mist appeared behind him, attacking Fang Yu.

The monstrous black fog swept in, mixed with countless tiny grimaces, and the terrifying sound of ghost crying and laughter!

As any person, facing such a majestic power of the dead, I am afraid that it will be eroded into a skeleton in an instant!

However, it met Fang Yu, who mastered the power of heaven and the power of sacredness.


When the black mist touched Fang Yu's body, the ghosts screamed!

The black mist collapsed instantly!

Seeing this scene, Chen Luo's face was pale, and his heart broke!

The power of the necromancer is not only completely invalid for the opponent Yu! Instead, he was restrained!

The body of the necromancer was shattered, and the power of the necromancer was completely suppressed...

Chen Luo's greatest reliance, the Necro Mask, was just cracked!

Why is this happening!

He is a reborn person, he should have the strongest luck!

Such things shouldn't happen to him!

He cannot be defeated today! He should have gone to the top and become the strongest in this life!

He should be the protagonist of the story!

After the power of the last necromancer was dissipated, Chen Luo's heart was completely in a frenzy, unable to avoid Fang Yu's fist blasting at him again.


Fang Yu's fist was like a golden flame, mixed with extreme power.


Even the space couldn't bear this huge force, it was distorted!


Chen Luo's chest was penetrated instantly, and a blood hole appeared.

His eyes were wide open, and his dark eyes were restored.

On the extremely handsome face, there is only horror and unwillingness.


A big mouthful of blood spewed out, and Chen Luo's body flew out like a broken kite before falling into the air.


Chen Luo fell to the ground, his limbs twitched slightly and his mouth was full of blood.

Fang Yu fell from the air and landed beside Chen Luo.

Chen Luo looked at Fang Yu and said unwillingly, "If...I can gather the Three Spirit Rings, you must fall today."

"Is there another ring that can control the law of space" Fang Yu asked with a raised brow.

Chen Luo's eyes changed.

"I got the ring, but I gave it away. Otherwise, I can lend it to you today and let you die clearly." Fang Yu said.

"Void Ring... You took it away!" Chen Luo opened his eyes wide and couldn't talk.

"Yes, I got it in the hands of a doctor in Nandu. However, this thing is not signed exclusively for you, right" Fang Yu asked rhetorically.

"Puff!" Chen Luo was full of grief and anger, and he spouted blood again.

He finally understood why things did not develop as he expected.

It's Fang Yu!

It was this **** Fang Yu who took away his luck and took away the chance that originally belonged to him!

But Chen Luo still didn't understand why God did this!

Since he was reborn for the first time, why did Fang Yu be arranged for him to be his obstacle!

"The Three Spirit Ring... It seems that the ring that controls the power of space matches these two rings. I took it away." Fang Yu knelt down and took off the two rings on Chen Luo's right hand. Tuck into your pocket.

Chen Luo looked at Fang Yu with dull eyes.

After taking the two rings away, Fang Yu knew that Chen Luo was dead soon.

You must absorb Chen Luo's cultivation level immediately, otherwise it will be too late and go for nothing!

Fang Yu reached out and grabbed Chen Luo's head, running the Spirit Devouring Art.

A red vortex appeared between the palms.

A large amount of pure aura poured into Fang Yu's Dantian.

Fang Yu smiled comfortably.

Chen Luo didn't know what Fang Yu wanted to do, but he soon felt the loss of his body's cultivation.


After realizing what Fang Yu was doing, Chen Luo's eyes were full of disbelief, followed by anger, and finally despair.

"By the way, I forgot to tell you that the Daotian on the Flame Mountain is actually me." Fang Yu suddenly remembered this and said to Chen Luo.

Chen Luo's face suddenly became calm.

Then, his body violently twitched, and he lifted his head with all his strength, opened his mouth full of blood, and wanted to bite a piece of meat under the feather!

He hates it!

He can't stand his eyes!

All his efforts and all his opportunities have made Fang Yu a wedding dress!

For him ~www.novelhall.com~ this is more uncomfortable than death!

But now he can't even commit suicide! Can only watch Fang Yu absorb his cultivation!


After the smoke dissipated, there was dead silence all around.

The people who withdrew to a distance of three or four hundred meters looked stiffly at the location that had been razed to the ground.

Chen Luo, who fell in a pool of blood, was exceptionally conspicuous.

Seeing this scene, everyone felt a dreaming feeling.

Is this true

Why did Chen Luo, who had an absolute advantage just now, suddenly lose so!

Everyone in the Chen family was pale and trembling.

They looked at Fang Yu's eyes, just like seeing a ghost, frightened and powerless.

Especially Chen Nansheng and his wife, and Mr. Chen.

"Luo Er..." Lu Wanrong collapsed to the ground, crying too hard to breathe.

Old man Chen's beard trembled, as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn't say anything.

He knew Chen Luo's true identity, a reincarnation power.

But even so, Chen Luo still lost.

Before the smoke and dust had dissipated, the Chen family was still in a carnival, thinking that Chen Luo had a chance to win and Fang Yu was dead.

But now, all this suddenly reversed!

Chen Luo, lost!

He just lay at Fang Yu's feet! There is no strength to move the bomb!

"Is this... the fate I, I'm not reconciled..." Old man Chen sighed up to the sky, spouted a mouthful of blood, fainted and fell to the ground.


"It's time to collect the results." In the attic in the distance, Han Qi's half of his face covered with black lines evokes a weird smile, and the red light flashes in his right eye!

He jumped out of the attic with the man on the side, rushing towards Fang Yu, who was facing away from them, at an incredible speed.-

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